12 thoughts on “MYSTERY PICK BIG WIN ON 5 DRAGONS GRAND SLOT MACHINE! w/5 Symbol trigger on 5 Dragons Deluxe!

  1. Wow thats a great win and game. Congratz you two. Did you wind up taking home that almost 1 grand? I just love that game…

  2. Good bonuses. I really enjoy the Aristocrats Grand slots (though I havent tried Timberwolf) and that wheel with bonus spin. They can pay so nicely if you can score those bonuses which isn't easy. Glad you guys did well! And I agree it's always a nice surprise when you don't get screwed by mystery pick! Thanks.

  3. You do so well on these games — several times had over 100x your bet which is something we don't se much anymore. Wonder 4 tall tower games are so much fun to play and they can really pay too. Hope your good luck continues.

  4. Another fine CT Slotters production!!! I thought Mrs CT. Was under the weather or hung over 😵 until she perked up on 5 dragons, awesome choice of games ( mystery pick ) and of course the wheel stops short of the Major😬 as always. Good Luck Team CT. As always from wet and soggy So Ca 😞

  5. Nice win! 😊 Have you guys tried the Marilyn Monroe slot machine at Fox woods? It’s $9 a spin but so much fun. Good luck 🍀

  6. It's so nice to see some great hits on the dragons, I rarely can get anything out of them, thanks for getting some revenge for me😉🕺 thanks for sharing 🥰

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