15 thoughts on “New game to me! Big Win! 40 free games! ✅️ it out. #tbtslots #slotbonus #slots #wendover

  1. That was freakin awesome! Congrats 👏🏼 Can’t wait to try it. Better hurry before they tune it down lol 😅

  2. I love it when a new game surprises like that! Nice to see a big win for you. I'll have to try that next time

  3. Glad you had a good session on this game. I am usually not a big fan of Aristocrat games. For me, they are too hard and not very fun. Last time we were at the Peppermill we tried this. The game was hot and my wife was getting bonus after bonus. I put in some money (reluctantly) and made a small profit as well. Later tried this game at the Bay and didn't have any luck on it. I like the game and the money is definitely in the ball bonus. The line hits, though, just didn't excite me much. Congrats on your win Tony.

  4. Now that one looks like fun! Sounds like no one else in the comments had as much fun, though. Lol

  5. We played this at Peppermill, it appears they had it before Montego put it in. It's fun, but tough

  6. Congratulations on the nice win!! This one would be fun for a group pull ❤❤

  7. Yeah that's what I call hitting it at the right moment lol looks like a money eater on regular basis 😂

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