Omg I Broke Fishing Frenzy 10 Spins 3 Bonus wins 4 Scatters Bookies Slots AMAZING WIN !!

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This Is by Far the best Video i have ever done i had a feeling the Bonus was about to Drop and it did 3 Fecking times in 10 spins with 4 scatters please hit the thumbs up or heart if you like this one haha

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Omg I Broke Fishing Frenzy 10 Spins 3 Bonus wins 4 Scatters Bookies Slots AMAZING WIN !!

27 thoughts on “Omg I Broke Fishing Frenzy 10 Spins 3 Bonus wins 4 Scatters Bookies Slots AMAZING WIN !!

  1. That game used to pay out pretty good, you are lucky these days to get a scatter so that was good. I gave up on it after winning a fiver etc on bonus rounds. Another one that has gone to day light robbery is rainbow riches. I remember winning over a grand on that once, now lucky if you get a tenner

  2. Brilliant mate well in 👍🏼
    Am going to give it a go today with a 100 £2 spins wish me luck 🍀 😘 x

  3. Nice win…iv just been introduced to this game and no punt intended but I’m hooked…😬

  4. Great video. Impressive win. rarely see this game giving and paying out good wins on the free spin feature. The first time you won the feature was what I was accustomed to seeing from this machine. But the second time you won the free spin feature – wow came to mind. That's something in which is rarely seen or witnessed from this game. Well done and congratulations. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nice bouns . 150 million euros millions on Tuesday buy tickets good chance of winning

  6. Piece of **** the new fishing frenzy big catch in coral today
    Didn't give my mate not 3 scatters of £450 £2 a spin so he told me have a bash I got one £132 feature off £350 which it took back in about ten minutes
    So in my reckoning thats £800 for coral bookmakers profit in half hour
    Ever likely these bookmakers are ****in everywhere with mugs like us lot filling them up 😂😂😂😂

  7. I won £609 off 20p ago on ladbrokes last month i had 2 off a full screen without the feature i couldn't believe it

  8. Fishing frenzy buccaneer frenzy and hula hula can be amazing if bonus triggers but can also empty you in jig time if they don't

  9. One of the worst online casinos there is anyone might ever play at. All rigged, low rtp, especially after tortoise paid out on football bets. Despite his best efforts to pay ppl in worthers for there being a lack of goals for heavy favs. Every dishonest site shud be boycotted! When there is a new site, they get bombarded with bets rigged to win etc. Anyone with sports betting, that has an ad on uk tv. The slots are all rubbish on the games or casino section! Gla. Bet small don’t lose much.

  10. I played this on the ladbrokes website at home absolutely off my pickle in the early hours of a morning. I’m self excluded from any online gambling so my pal text me his log in details. I think I started around 3am. Staked £200. Playing £2 a spin. I kept winning and raising the stakes each time. By 7/8am I was playing £40 a spin, and my balance was £10k! Imagine getting the feature and the value of some fish are £1000
    After losing a couple of grand. I cashed out at £8k
    At the same time, ladbrokes guy squad or whatever they are were calling my pal because of the unusual raising of stakes for 4/5 hours .
    Silly sod only answered his phone to them. He told them it’s fine and it was him that was playing…..then they asked him which game he was playing and he hung up on them 😂😭😂😭😀😭

  11. Just subscribed on your new you tube channel keep up the good work you crazy Irishman 🤣

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