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Philip hits HUGE on Fruit Party doing $160 BONUS BUYS on the slot after building a mega balance on stream! Then an unexpected drop down and cluster of apples hit for a super big win!

One of Pragmatic Play’s most popular slots to date, Fruit Party is a cluster pays slot. All symbols can carry a win multiplier for bigger wins. In the Free Spins feature, more multipliers appear for boost to the potential with a max win of 5000x your bet.

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12 thoughts on “OUR BIGGEST WIN ON FRUIT PARTY! (Super Big Win)

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  2. The amount of videos I’ve seen of these guys winning $200,000+ from bonuses, there’s just no way it’s on normal game play. It’s like every other day. Most people would get a 1500x win a few times in a lifetime, these guys get them every single day. And getting 10,000x wins every week. No chance

  3. But this isn't the biggest X win right? Just cash mount!

    But still, sick win, Congratz!!🤘🤘🤘😁😁

  4. Anyone who thinks represents gambling should put $800 in a casino. At 30 spins a minute, it will last 7 x 8hr shifts at 20c bets, based on a RTP of 96%. See how many 1000x wins you hit in that time. Now remember that you don't have a streaming contract, or casinos telling you which slots they want you to push that month.

    All feels a bit corrupt now right?

  5. You got it all wrong! It is totally possible to get multiple 1000x’es within a day! If you don’t understand that this is possible, you simply don’t understand how slots primarily works!
    They have had bonus hunts with 70 bonuses where they barely hit over 200x.
    They have also had bonus hunts with only 50 bonuses but still managed a couple 1000x’es even with less bonuses to open! It’s random!!
    Don’t you see that everything can happen at any given slot at any times!

    And to you other guys: Sometimes they have wagers from casinos, and sometimes they play totally raw! It literally says what kind of balance they are operating with in their streaming setup! For example: They have a 50k balance, but there may be a wager they have to get through. In this example, the wager is 200K! And that means they have to spin for 200K before they can withdraw! That means they have to WIN to make the money go raw. I don’t know the exact percentages of stuff, but i definitely know it’s real!

    Even when you are doing slots with «play money», the slot still gives a 100% accurate picture on how the slots work if you played with real money! The slots don’t act different for any «special streamers», and it has not been tampered with! It’s so tilting to read all of the comments on every big win video of spinlife, and seeing all the stupid takes on «real money/entertaining money», or the «how can you win big every day» and such…
    Jack, Phille and Maggan literally do this as their jobs! Nothing is entertaining at all 😭😂

  6. entertaining money that is the reason they r not anymore with casinoground. They were always saying about other streamers how somone can bet 100 Euro straight all the day now they do by themselves. Who believe this ****

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