Queen’s Knight Slot – Big Win – LIVE PLAY BONUS!

Big Win Video Information:

The Queen’s Knight slot machine by WMS is part of their “Money Burst” line of slots!

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And it’s a classic that I still play many times when I see it!

Like many Money Burst games, the bonus can be triggered by filling reels 1 and 2 with the same symbol or by receiving bonus symbols in reels 3, 4, and 5. If you do the latter, you’ll receive 5 free spins with 2 random reels wild. If you do the former, you’ll receive 5 free spins with the first two reels locked although if they contain wilds, they may randomly shift positions. If you do both, you’ll receive the “Holy Grail” – 20 free spins with both features and while I’ve not done it, you can get an “Off-the-Charts” Big Win or Jackpot if you do! Queen’s Knight is a clone of the “Jungle Wild 2” slot machine, Enjoy!

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Queen’s Knight Slot – Big Win – LIVE PLAY BONUS!

12 thoughts on “Queen’s Knight Slot – Big Win – LIVE PLAY BONUS!

  1. You need to try to trigger the 20 spins. Get the 4 wilds (or any 4 alike symbols) in front plus the 3 free game symbols on the right. That triggers 20 games. THAT is a heck of a fun bonus. Nice wins though on your line hits.

  2. Have you ever hit the holy grail on these money bursts? That machine gave awesome play, up and down.

  3. i havent seen any mony bust machine go crazy. . 3 or $6. those werent big pays.
    The Glizt machine like they took it out this week. 34 spins at $3 a pop and nit noy pay. Ouuch. Its ok to shiw mediocre wins at max bet. the reality of slot.machines. 😎

  4. recibe un cordial saludo desde tijuana mexico soy tu admirador numero uno te felicito por jugar sigue con tu buena suerte mis mejores deseos me encanta tu programa a todos nuestros hermanos de usa de parte de todos los mexicanos los queremos mucho

  5. Hi I'm from Italy, I have a question, after every bonus game you say something that sounds like "backup spin" but….what do you say really? And what does it mean? Thank you

  6. I can't believe there is a bastard love child of my two favourite slots and I've only found out for the first time today… I know exactly what I'll be looking for when I get to gamble in Vegas! Nice vid 🙂

  7. Nice wins!! I love this game!!! U should try stopping it a lil more often especially if ur timing is pretty good wen u see the wilds!!! You'll win a lot more often guaranteed man!!!!

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