Repeat Fever Slot Machine – SUPER BIG WIN Bonus Feature in Dragon Hearts! How Many Repeat Wins Land?

Big Wins Video Information:

A SUPER BIG WIN Bonus in Konami’s new Repeat Fever Dragon Hearts slot machine. In this game, there are 2 features. One is a typical pot type jackpot feature. Wilds that land may trigger the jackpot feature which is a progressive picking bonus. The other, more interesting feature is the Repeat Fever feature. You need to land 9 coins to trigger it. This is a Strike Zone game, which means there are certain reels that can be activated with an enhanced feature. In this game, you can select up to all 5 reels to be part of the Strike Zone. If a coin lands in an activated reel, it nudges to fill full reel. This makes it MUCH easier to trigger the bonus feature, since in effect, you only really need to land at least 1 coin on 3 reels. The coins may be credit prizes, the Mini or Major. The total amount is displayed up top as the repeat amount, which is the minimum amount you’ll win from the feature. You start with 3 spins. In the reelset, only the repeat amount symbol is active. If one or more symbols land, their value is added to the running total with an indicator of how many you have collected and the spins are reset to 3. This continues until you run out of spins. There was no indication in the instructions that there is a limit to the number of repeats. Of course, the trick is to get a big repeat pay in the first place. A great first attempt for me, but I can see it potentially being frustrating as it seemed like not much happened outside of the feature. Taken at San Manuel casino in Highland, CA.

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Repeat Fever Slot Machine – SUPER BIG WIN Bonus Feature in Dragon Hearts! How Many Repeat Wins Land?

23 thoughts on “Repeat Fever Slot Machine – SUPER BIG WIN Bonus Feature in Dragon Hearts! How Many Repeat Wins Land?

  1. I want the fever 🥵🤣 🥷👍😎🎰don’t Stop the fun! Very nice hit! I agree I don’t like much new Konami stuff especially with the high minimum bets. Stay safe and best of luck Shinobi 🥷

  2. Good job guys! i like this one. i’m so glad that you guys are back and having fun. always enjoy your konami videos.

  3. Whew hoo that was fun!!! Your lady next to you was nice and happy for you!

  4. That was exciting! Very cool to see this new one in action after you described it to me. Congrats on the win!! 🥳

  5. I really hope that comes here, I want to play this. Big Congrats, that was an amazing bonus!!! Here's to continued Big Wins and Big Blessings!!!

  6. The last bonus was fun I agree! I though it would stop at 100 x but 150 x made it slightly sweeter. That was a very strong $4 bet. I reckon if someone is low rolling and it's ready to pay out it can still accumulate that $30 or more and pay out the $600. Maybe with a mini or major repeating. Fun mechanic thanks for sharing👍😎

  7. Wow what an amazing bonus feature. That was so much fun to watch. Congrats

  8. Awesome win!!!!! I can hear you laughing and enjoying the big win. Great win on a new slot!!!!

  9. Awesome win! I had the same luck the first time I played this one, won a little over $500 on the repeat feature. Every time since then I can't win squat though lol. I hope you have good luck on it every time!

  10. I'm like u Shinobi. Been out of San Manuel for 6 months now. Gave myself until June, my birthday month. I will be on the hiway headed that way at 12:05 June 1!!
    Hope to see u there. I have watched all your videos only tonight, about 6 of them. So many new games! Can't wait to get back.

  11. Sweet Win!! I appreciate the cheering person too! My area is slow to get ones like these, if ever. So Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

  12. It was really fever !!!! Non stop paying. lol I love these Big amount. I should play it again !!
    Thank you for sharing Shinobi !

  13. Just when I was about to write this game off as horrible you got the huge respin win! Fun video!

  14. So that's the bonus! Tried tonight, didn't get it! Thanks for showing!

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