Slots, Chat & Chill Vibes. New PC to handle bigger wins!

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– Take frequent breaks.
– If you think/feel you play more than you want, get in touch with Gambleaware.

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Slots, Chat & Chill Vibes. New PC to handle bigger wins!

1 thought on “Slots, Chat & Chill Vibes. New PC to handle bigger wins!

  1. You feel about your computer like we (my girlfriend of 27 yrs) feel about our new macaw chick..I won 18g in October on lil devil and qualified my girlfriend for th e Tesla draw with btg and nick was October’s entrant from Ireland, she was praying to be pulled out first from the time lil devil went nuts on a 50c bet got to €14,338 …then in the draw just before Nick drew it he said now the first name I pull will get second prize..which was an 8k tv that I taught was a tv worth 8g..but it wasn’t ..full retail for the tv new would have been 4g I’d my gf was pulled first and got second prize..Nick explained with our confusion and gave a bit more that he planned so we got another €3500 fair play..the girl in Canada got the Tesla…….Zyveera who streams for casino daddy occasionally tried to say it was him that got October’s win ..but I think at that point he taught someone was going to contact him about his prize ..but my gf had emailed Nick Robinson the day after we got the win..and was in constant contact with Nick…till the draw I got a couple of thousand draw outs between the big win and the car draw..but it’s gone **** lately…my missus was delighted because that day she had 10 g I want to buy a bit of land to get a new horse..hers had been stolen she needs somewhere and Nick was surprised that was her plan..he taught she had got land in Ireland but she didn’t find anything she loved..she seen these little plots of land in Bulgaria all with houses needing repair which we can do ourselves..€3500 for a 4 room house 3 smaller rooms and vip 2 acres and there’ll be land for sale around that’s very cool and we had enough to have a great Xmas with our daughter who was a couple of months away from 18 gf always wanted a macaw chick there expensive so I was able to park the money for one off side as we searched for a good breeder…our fabulous very rare in Ireland harlequin macaw has been so much fun…that win changed so much…we’ll move to Bulgaria when our daughters done a year of her vet collage and keep our huge macaw at Liberty ..meaning he can fly out around the house…

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