SUPER BIG WIN! 💥💥💥 Playing ALL NEW Slot Machines At Mystic Lake 💥💥💥 $15.00 SPINS On Goldfish Pt.2

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Filmed at Mystic Lake Casino.

Slot Machines Include: Goldfish Feeding Frenzy And 88 Forrtunes Money Coins.

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SUPER BIG WIN! 💥💥💥 Playing ALL NEW Slot Machines At Mystic Lake 💥💥💥 $15.00 SPINS On Goldfish Pt.2

40 thoughts on “SUPER BIG WIN! 💥💥💥 Playing ALL NEW Slot Machines At Mystic Lake 💥💥💥 $15.00 SPINS On Goldfish Pt.2

  1. Hahahaha….good morning SD!!
    "Ya bumble bee beeeotch"….🤣🤣🤣🤣
    You da cutest evaaaaa!!! 🥰

  2. The fart in the elevator 😂. I have heard it a hundred times and still laugh every time.

  3. Money Coins is my daughter's new favorite game, we played it on our live that you where watching after 007. She got the bonus and made a profit overall. So that's a win in our book. For anyone visiting Vegas they have a bank of 4 at the Bellagio. 😉

  4. Great ending.. that bee game can actually be very volatile but I am confident that you already found that out

  5. OMG, these videos make my morning! Keep up the good work and thank you for being you!

  6. Nice commercial I wanna hit the big jackpot . Literally hit the big jackpot

  7. That Honey Bee game looked like utter dog **** right out of the gate. You can just tell.

  8. Dont like the fisheys, i like the unpronouncable chinese ultra flappy one. Play play play. !!!!!

  9. Have you seen the Brian Christopher Pop n Pays slot machine yet? It's the funniest, saddest thing I've ever seen. With such witty quips as "line it up!" and "c'mon bonus!"

  10. SD taking time out to relax and pursue one of his favorite sports, a little fishing trip. LEGEND!

  11. sdguy! Have you tried the "Huff n' MORE puff" machines yet? They're pretty cool. More bonus options!

  12. hopefully you got some encouraging "good game" slaps on the ass from some good looking guys in that audience afterwards

  13. I know his name, it's Steven. I call on him frequently. Usually he says I should **** off. I think that's mean.

  14. Love the videos, the amount of adverts that you have border on the ridiculous. I appreciate that you have to make a living and get revenue, five adverts in under ten minutes is OTT!

  15. I put $500 into Honey Hearts and won nada. I would guess that machine could pay huge if you are super lucky, but I was not.

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