SUPER BIG WIN!! BUFFALOOOO!!! BUFFALO DELUXE Slot Machine (Aristocrat Gaming)

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SUPER BIG WIN!! BUFFALOOOO!!! BUFFALO DELUXE Slot Machine (Aristocrat Gaming). Picked the x2 | x5 bonus feature hoping for those triple sunsets x5 😅 Good ‘ol BUFFALO DELUXE can still pay!

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Video outro courtesy of Jean-Luc Richard
Jean-Luc Richard:

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SUPER BIG WIN!! BUFFALOOOO!!! BUFFALO DELUXE Slot Machine (Aristocrat Gaming)

38 thoughts on “SUPER BIG WIN!! BUFFALOOOO!!! BUFFALO DELUXE Slot Machine (Aristocrat Gaming)

  1. I know that you aren't a fan of cascading slots; however, 2021 may be your cascading slots year! : )

  2. 🦬 BUFFALOOOOOO 🦬 I like that win on the old cabinet… Usually it's just Timber Wolf available 🍀👍

  3. Awesome bonus on buffalo Albert! Imagine if just one of those multipliers were x5 instead of x2 on that buffalo line hit. You would of been signing a w2g form for sure!

  4. I’m a little disappointed albert, with 62 games I wanted you get a million dollars lol.

    But that was still a bad ass hit tho

  5. Nice….more seed money for Wednesdays! Lol. Thanks for the video and catch you next time.😀😀😀

  6. **Buffalooo!!** You were pretty excited when that hit lol 🦬 get those $100s and best of luck Albert 👍😎🎰🖖

  7. That was an amazing hit Albert. Definitely a handpay if those 5’s would have shown up! Great job. Love any Buffalo game!!

  8. Wow what a session! Congratulations Albert this was amazing. Is good to see new games. You had some nice bonuses.

  9. ok.. that's a nice bonus Al… but 62 games…… buffaloes across ONCE… $540 so in 61 games you managed $75!!!! that STINKS…. IMO. Nothing to sneeze at..but a lousy return. thanks for the VID bud.

  10. Always exciting when you get retriggers multiple times, you never know what might happen! Still a really great win in my book!

  11. ¨"°º¤★„¸¨"°º¤★„¸¸„★¤º°"¨¸„★¤ º° "¨

    ¨"°º¤ø„ Ϟ Awesome Video !! δ! ¸„ø¤º°"¨"

    ∆¸„★¤º°"¨ ╚❤∨∈ and like ♥"¨º°★¤¸„∆

    ¸„ø¤º°"¨¸„★¤º°"¨¨"°º¤★„„¸¨¨"°º Stay Safe Thank You !!

    greetings from Germany BTW!!!!

  12. Retrigger madness. One of my favorites, especially when the bonus is triggered randomly.

  13. Thanks for sharing! You’re becoming one of my favorite slot players. I love your “mellow excitement” three weeks and I’m in Vegas 🥳

  14. Buffalo really went on a retriggering frenzy, that was great, glad it came through with a big win🕺, I really like the Free spins on Coins O'Matey it has such huge potential, thanks for sharing have a spectacular weekend 🍀

  15. We just subscribed. Awesome session!!! Continued success in 2021!! Have a Blessed day. Spin Alujah

  16. Great session on variety slot games. So much fun watching. Have a fantastic weekend Albert 😍🍀👍🌻

  17. Buffaloes with multipliers never gets old! Congrats! That Amazing Money Machine slot looks pretty cool too.

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