SURPRISE JACKPOT HAND PAY! 💥💥💥 Ultra Rush Gold Slot Machine BIG WINS!

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Filmed at Prairie Meadows Casino.

Slot Machines Include: Dollar Stor, Buffalo Link, Diamond Fantasy, River Dragons, King Chameleon, Rakin’ Bacon Deluxe and Ultra Rush Gold.

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SURPRISE JACKPOT HAND PAY! 💥💥💥 Ultra Rush Gold Slot Machine BIG WINS!

40 thoughts on “SURPRISE JACKPOT HAND PAY! 💥💥💥 Ultra Rush Gold Slot Machine BIG WINS!

  1. I love seeing your Christmas picture and the Christmas music on the intro of your videos.. it’s my favorite time of the year!😂

  2. You should put a poll out, which format do your viewers prefer – When you put in a $100 at a time and show the whole play sped up at times or just the bonuses; I much prefer the whole play.

  3. Nice hit but, our wonderful outdated and hardworking Government, REALLY needs to raise the hand pays from $1200 to at least $2000.
    For the less intelligent people….. Yes, the government part of this statement is sarcasm!

  4. I love your channel and I love the same games you do. Very hot n horny to say hi if you get to wild rose in Clint I n I'd come cheer and support you.

  5. Why do people, rub the screen thinking it's a pet or something? Plus I like how sd guy wasn't yelling, when he next to someone. Lol,

  6. $1200 exactly,, what a scam . Especially if you think about it, you bet $10 , so you really only won $1190 plus your $10 bet back. Shouldn't be taxable.

  7. Thank you for your entertainment and all your hard work!!! HOPE YOUR FEELIN BETTER !*!*! When u said settle the f***? Down muzzler. Made me giggle 🫣🤫🫣 just started video!!!

  8. I’m glad you pointed at the Christmas reef, that thing was massive. Nice video per usual

  9. MMAAAAAM Theres a Guy Riding a Pony In the Casino Stop0 that crap right now !! i hate you i can do the ride the pony geez Great Vlog thanks SD

  10. Burn it to the ground! Then proceeds to tell us he doesn’t know what he was on!😳😂🤣😂🤣

  11. SDGUY please check out the band Leonid and friends on u tube a Ukraine band who does Chicago music but besides that you look 100% like the lead singer of the band dead ringer WOW your biggest fan from Milwaukee

  12. Ultra Gold Rush… what a money pit that game can be. I guess that's why Casinos love to have it and other games like it on their floors. Almost anything Incredible Technologies makes is a money vacuum. Wo Shu anyone?

  13. I love when you tell people to "shut up, I'm trying to work here"… fantastic! That Chameleon game brings back old skoo Mystic Lake memories, so happy you kicked the lil chameleons butt!!
    Perfect video all around!!💯🎉❤️

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