The #1 Slot Hack Beginners Need to Know

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Today we are playing slots at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip. We are playing Wheel of Fortune slot machine to see if we can win the big jackpot! If not, hopefully we still win a hand pay. This video will go over one strategy that I learned from my subscribers for this specific type of WOF slot machine. This game is unique because you can take advantage of the games that another player left on the machine. I’ll show you in this video, and hopefully luck is on our side!

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The #1 Slot Hack Beginners Need to Know

40 thoughts on “The #1 Slot Hack Beginners Need to Know

  1. I do this type of thing a lot lol obviously if a machine is close too a bonus in this case wilds then yes all day I'm hitting it

  2. The fact you are at Circus Circus Hotel playing slots…..sorry you lost me there!

  3. But the hack didn’t work? So, it’s just another “hope to” system.. either way, great content! Keep grinding..

  4. keep up the good work i love your videos and im a new subscriber, i myself do slots over here in the uk and casinos 😊

  5. I normally enjoy Jacob's video's but this supposed 'hack' is pure unadulterated bull****. Also how much did Circus Circus pay him for that opening? It is no where near "everybody's favorite place to play slots". There is no way a knowledgeable slot player leaves a machine like that with a good number of game 10 wilds already established, so you pick up on the game with less than average game 10 wilds established which then equals a loss, which is exactly what happened to Jacob on his first attempt. Keep up the good streams Jacob, but park those that are misleading like this one.

  6. No such thing as hack. Slot machine ruin people’s lives. Don’t be a part of it.

  7. Okay that wasn't a complete disaster, just need to approach it a little different and come up with a new plan. Lol
    you're not the first and won't be the last everybody's trying to crack these damn machines.

  8. "Everyone's favorite casino on the strip" -funny I've NEVER heard…or THOUGHT that…I'm thinking like Ceasar's Palace…Bellagio…Aria…Wynn/Encore…MGM…Venetian and maybe Planet Hollywood all might have something to say about that 😂😂🤣🤣

  9. 👆👆reach out to him for help now, he has been helping with some winning strategies to play casino which has been helping me win a lot games

  10. Tips for beginners? You literally don’t even understand how that game is played. Lol.

  11. I heard " name branded" games like wheel of fortune offer lousier payouts. Also I guess it's somewhat legal. I thought it was illegal to go to a game with existing credits ??

  12. My brother installs these games there's no tricks you just have to be at the right place at the right time

  13. I just wasted 11:50 seconds of my life haha worst machine worst payouts pointless information sorry man gotta do better then that

  14. The gold coins leave the circle on the reel/screen. On the 10th spin, all the circles turn into wilds….simple. 😊

  15. Thank you, if it wasnt for you I wouldn’t be the gambling addict with crippling depression I am today, I’d just have crippling depression and more money

  16. Hey Slot guy…. i am an expat in china and am wanting to come to vegas in spetember… do you know of any flight/hotel deals from here? planning the days and travel in the next 10 days. I stayed there before with a deal i saw on tv in the US when i lived there but don't know which hotel is having any deal from here or not… thanks for your channel and time… Jimmy the Expat

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