This Big Win In The High Limit Room Only Cost Me $5!! 🎰🖐🏽🤯

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This Big Win In The High Limit Room Only Cost Me $5!! 🎰🖐🏽🤯

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This Big Win In The High Limit Room Only Cost Me $5!! 🎰🖐🏽🤯

40 thoughts on “This Big Win In The High Limit Room Only Cost Me $5!! 🎰🖐🏽🤯

  1. @14:31 Random foolishness makes watching content like this fun to watch. Funny as hell sounds and all. Thanks ya'll!

  2. Love your videos. You guys have so much fun that your viewers are having fun right along with you! I’m going to try my luck at the casino on Monday. I hope I can get something going when I do. It’s been a while since I’ve gone. Thanks for the laughs!

  3. SO awesome!!!! I won my second jackpot ever a couple days ago. I walked in with $10. Walked out with $2400!!!

  4. Sam you and Chris are hilarious I enjoy watching your videos they always make me laugh. The joy and excitement that you two have for what you do is amazing. Positive vibes and blessings ALWAYS, love you guys. SCF4L Peace

  5. SC slots have a sensational Sunday! And win big!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  6. Love it Fam the energy, laughs and coin shows 🙌🏾🙌🏾. Keep winning that money and taking us on the ride. Congrats

  7. What kind of drink is buttery nipple what doesn’t it have in it ..I am going to Vegas this month and want to try something new

  8. Good job yall. But don’t y’all hate when ppl walk up to u and say they put a lot of money n the machine. Like so girl I’m getting it 😂😂😂 BEST OF LUCK GUYS

  9. Sam and Chris give the best high fives! It’s so sweet how the support each other always…😄Positive vibes!😁😃😀

  10. It seems like whenever you play $5 (.10) in the high limit room the balls don't be worth that much. That was a nice first paly bonus!

  11. I love how excited y’all get even if you win a few bucks dancing across the screen is so hype

  12. y’all ain’t old enough to know the “Gloat On” song from the 70’s lol

  13. Dragon link is my go to game. I also do lightning link and dollar storm. Have hit many handpays at my goto casino (winstar) check me out when you get a chance. Keep winning and dancing on the coin shows!!! Congratulations🎊

  14. Good day. I really enjoyed your video. Y’all are a happy couple. I love it!! It seems like y’all would be open to what I’m about to share that I learned – as I’m new to slots and have been observing and studying how to play them. He said: if you are playing five dollars on a machine whose denomination is one penny, five cents, ten cents, .25 cents, .50 cents or one dollar; take your $5.00 dollarsss to a $5.00 denomination machine! It’s in the High Roller section! Bet 1 credit for $5.00 dollars. The reason why…? 🤔 Playing $5.00 dollars on a .10 cents slot, win 100 credits; it will pay you $10.00 dollars. But playing on a $5.00 dollar denomination slot ~ 100 credits, will earn y’all $500 hundred dollars!!! Same five dollars!!! 🤗 High Five🙌🏾! “New High Rollers!!” Good Luck! If you try it, keep us posted with a video!

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