Top 10 BIGGEST WINS of October 2021

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The top 10 biggest slot wins of October 2021! Including wins by casino streamers and CasinoGrounds community members from the 1st to the 31st of October 2021.

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Featured videos:
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00:07 #10 @daFROU – Book of Shadows
01:53 #9 S@SEBM1337 – Wanted Dead or A Wild
03:59 #8 Lance669 – Queen of Riches
04:30 #7 Rothii – xWays Hoarder xSplit
07:12 #6 Idroon321 – Top Dawg$
10:06 #5 @Hideous Slots Xtra – Helios Fury
15:20 #4 @Lionator – Dead or Alvie 2
18:28 #3 BlackManiks – Fire in the Hole
20:34 #2 Rebirth – Das xBoot
22:15 #1 Dmilrs – Mental

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Top 10 BIGGEST WINS of October 2021

28 thoughts on “Top 10 BIGGEST WINS of October 2021

  1. Thanks for including my queen of riches win I have since beaten it with a win off 13423x but sadly was on phone so not recorded paid £5369.20 on a £0.40p stake

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  3. Im starting to think that the streamers aren't in cahoots with the casinos. I think the casinos and/or providers just use backdoor access to the slots to activate huge bonus wins for the streamers because they obviously want people to see streamers win huge and think they can too. The streamers aren't even aware of it and can take no blame..they are just playing and streaming. I WANT to believe and hope Im wrong. I understand streamers play for long blocks at a time with alot of money they are staking so they aren't the average player and can play longer, but still… daily videos of the same streamers hitting jackpots over like a 1000x is still suspicious, especially the 10,000x and up wins that streamers hit alot . I dont knowww.

    Edit. I literally hit a 2500x an hour after typing this comment. Maybe I'm wrong

  4. Haha.. Mostly all 0.20 and 0.40.. If i am the slot itself, i will not hesitate to pay them at all..

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