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Get your straight jacket ready, as you head into a mental institute and things are about to get Mental! Nolimit City released Mental in September 2021 With a max payout of 66666x. There are 3 different free spins modes which can be activated during the base game or via purchasing the feature from the Bonus Buy. We have gathered the 5 biggest wins for you!

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00:08 #5 CasinoLandStreaming
02:12 #4 Casino Squad
04:32 #3 BigCSlots
06:23 #2 Torsohhh
08:11 #1 Ultralight64

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12 thoughts on “Top 5 BIGGEST WINS on MENTAL Slot

  1. bought ALOT of bonuses on this slot and never got near these kinds of wins. 90% of bonus buys are LOSSES. be careful with this slot !

  2. As a UK online gambler myself I do find it not the same as it used to be when we could all buy features and have auto spins also quick spins!! I believe it’s to make us lose more money!! You might think i am talking rubbish.. but I will give you a idea.. here in the UK you can play a game for sometimes 1 hour before you hit a bonus and depending on the stake that can be very costly.. I actually like just playing normal but used to love having a little buy if my money was up. It’s all bs the UK GC think they doing us favours they are not they just making the whole thing dull and boring! It’s becoming a joke now!!

  3. Everything you need to know about Mental:

    Find out where to play this game in CG's filtered casino list:

  4. Meanwhile me in the UK unable to buy bonuses and i havent even had anything but standard 3 scatter bonus after 50 bonuses.

  5. Irony being even normal games bonus buys that are 100x etc here in the UK you average 200-300 spins to even land a 10x paying bonus.

  6. Great win, it's a very dark slot and took me a while to understand all mechanics and different features depending on if it's super bonus or not 😅

    But I must say very fun video and good editing as all ways on CG video's.

    And please can all UK players stop whining about bonus buys? Like atleast 33 % of all new slots got bonus buys or is megaways. Sheeeesh get over it.

    No Limit City has the best Buys as well ✌

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