Top 7 Slot Wins on 300 Shields

Big Win Video Information:

We have compiled some of the biggest wins on the old Spartan slot 300 Shields to welcome NextGen’s new slot: 300 Shields Extreme which will be released on July 15th, 2019.

For details about the new game, feel free to check out:

Featured videos:
00:14 #7 Will LetsGiveItASpin collect enough shields for the battle?
02:33 #6 Will David Labowsky get paid on 300 Shields?
06:25 #5 Will Lifehack win enough money for a vacation?
07:31 #4 Boffy brings his own sword to the battlefield.
09:24 #3 The Spartans will bow to Bendelonge.
10:54 #2 Jarttu84 experiences a “Mitta-Voitto-Moment”.
14:40 #1 A battle between TimSchaeffer and his phone to record a big win.

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Top 7 Slot Wins on 300 Shields

12 thoughts on “Top 7 Slot Wins on 300 Shields

  1. Is it just me who I perceive, or all. They are always the same ones that they win ….. They die of turning these slots, only the paid ones to divulge that they win, since if these people made so much money they would be driving Ferrari!

  2. Love Reggie win and David's win (Labowsky had again another big hit after few spins on the same slot again x300). Jarttu is on another lvl anyway haha. Last bonus clip maybe the best cause it so hard with 1 line, to go that far lol !

  3. UPDATE: A fresh version of 300 Shields with improved graphics and features just got released today!
    This indeed needs to be celebrated; Big Win Competition with a €1400 prize pool and 50 free spins for everyone!
    Check out all the details here:

  4. Nice channel. I just started my channel last week. Gave ya a sub and some likes. Check mine out.

  5. 1:50 min ahahahahahahhaha Kim is running hahahaha to nice omg 😂👌🤦‍♂️

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