TRIPLE TRAINS?! NO WAY!! Cash Express Luxury Line Buffalo Slot – HUGE WIN BONUS!

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AWESOME BONUS on the Cash Express Luxury Line Buffalo slot machine by Aristocrat!
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Cash Express Luxury Line remains a favorite that currently comes in 3 classic themes: Buffalo, Timber Wolf and 50 Lions, and in this slot video I showcase Buffalo. I do see new versions of Pelican Peter and Fire Light 2 coming soon though!

The Cash Express Feature can be initiated on any bought game or through the Pick Feature if you initiate the bonus on the Buffalo base game. This feature can be confusing at first so let me try and break it down:

During any bought game, Credit Prizes or Trains may land on reels 1 thru 4 and if they do, either a Star or Golden Train symbol must land on reel 5 in order for you to win. If a Star lands, all Credit Values are awarded and the value for each train of a particular color is evaluated:
Red Train: 10 to 50 carriages with values of 25 to 2500 credits each.
Green Train: 10 to 50 carriages with values of 15 to 2000 credits each.
Blue Train: 10 to 100 carriages with values of 10 to 1000 credits each.
Purple Train: 10 to 100 carriages with values of 5 to 500 credits each or the Mini.

Credits above are shown for a bet multiplier of 1.

If a Golden Train symbol lands instead of a Star symbol, the “Repeat Win Feature” is initiated where a Gold Train will appear and have between 3 and 10 carriages each with the total value of all Cash Express symbols plus Trains that have landed. At the end of the carriage prizes, the Grand, Major or Minor Progressive may be awarded for the Red, Green or Blue train respectively.

To sum up, you want as many trains to land on reels 1 thru 4, specifically red trains if possible, and high Credit Prizes ideally too, and then the Golden Train on reel 5 for the chance at the ultimate!

Landing 3, 4 or 5 coins in the base game will award 8, 15 or 20 free games if you choose the Buffalo Feature for your bonus. During this bonus, any wild that lands on reels 2, 3 and 4 will transform into either a 2x or 5x wild. Retriggers are possible with as little as landing 2 symbols.

The Cash Express Luxury Line Series is AWESOME, and I scored a JACKPOT on the 50 Lions version: And also a GREAT JACKPOT on the Timber Wolf version:

Interested in just the good stuff?!
0:00 Cash Express Luxury Line Buffalo Intro
2:10 Cash Express Feature – HUGE WIN!
8:02 Free Games – 4 SYMBOL TRIGGER!
16:09 Cash Express Feature – $12.50 Bet!


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TRIPLE TRAINS?! NO WAY!! Cash Express Luxury Line Buffalo Slot – HUGE WIN BONUS!

29 thoughts on “TRIPLE TRAINS?! NO WAY!! Cash Express Luxury Line Buffalo Slot – HUGE WIN BONUS!

  1. The Cash Express Luxury Line Series is AWESOME, and I scored a JACKPOT on the 50 Lions version: And also a GREAT JACKPOT on the Timber Wolf version: Thanks for watching and if you're new, Subscribe! →

  2. Tim I have never seen three trains. I new you would get the same amount on all three and was excited to see your reaction. That was a rare hit. Congrats.

  3. Luxury Line is definitely a fun favorite. I'm glad you got your BIG win!

  4. One of the veteran slot players on YouTube…no hate on the new channels they provide entertainment and I actually like them but your one of the first channels OG lol

  5. That three train hit was great! I never saw that. A train on the last reel would have been so awesome!

  6. Love the Buffalo games and haven’t seen this one. Thanks for showing us this cool game. Glad you had a huge win! We love it, everybody.

  7. That was awesome but I wish it would have given you three train bonuses !

  8. I counted 80 trains! I want to like this game more, but Luxury Line hasn't treated me well. Glad to see you're cracking them though!

  9. I think you were robbed! $12.50 bet should have paid better than that! The first time I played this I got the steam across the screen. It was the green train and the gold train. It dropped the Major for $3500 on a $2.50 bet! The Major reset for $750!! I sat down at just the right time. I haven't won a darn thing on it since! It's a tough game

  10. I got 3 mini trains with the gold train. Nickel denom 3.75 bet paid 2800. Also got the spoiler and landed the major was 2200 on same 3.75 bet. Needless to say I play them every time I go. Love the content and best of luck

  11. such a tough game to win consistently.
    I would've walked after that big hit.

  12. That was a very nice win. That you for sharing this. Luxury line is one of my absolute favorites. I've never seen 3 trains land before but I did once land a blue and a green with the gold train. Well, I guess that would be 3. I kept hoping the major would drop but I actually wound up winning more than the major at $1700. What was even nicer is it was on my birthday. Thank you again and my you enjoy many big win bonuses.

  13. Not my game. Can play all night and never even bonus!
    Big time 3 train hit! Grats!

  14. I had a grand chance once on this. It was $14,763, and I thought it would hit… being how rare it is to even get the red train and star at the end to hit.

    I was so… hurt by it not hitting.

  15. I love the game but rarely play it …..the sun… moon ..and stars all have to align to win anything decent . If you are lucky enough to get an angel its still not enough…. so many elements have to take place for that hit to come in I have seen people win enormous jackpots but its few and far between

  16. That was awesome! I've never seen 3 trains before! I counted 80 cars, I don't think I've ever seen that many cars either! Way to go Tim!

  17. Yes Tim it is an evil game lol So volatile 🤬 I always pick cash express .. not the games. At least you still came out up. Good luck as always 💵💵

  18. Wow it started off wow..
    So let that be a lesson boys and girls, if you hit big, back up spin, THEN RUN 🥲🤯

  19. Tim when you got that nice bonus early and then said you would carry on and up the ante, I thought look out Tim that is a very volatile game….fortunately you arrested that steep dive and still came out ok. 😅😅👍👍

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