UK Casino Slots from Leeds – £1,000 Vs Eye of Horus at £5 Stake . Very Bonus Happy! Profit or loss?

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£1,000 Slot play at £5 a go on Eye of Horus at Victoria gate casino in Leeds . But what will it pay ?

I usually play the £500 FOBT bookie style slots at the bingo hall usually on max bet. I also sometimes play casino slots and roulette here in the UK as well as Vegas and Australia when i get the chance . I generally push the gambles and go for Jackpots and lots of free spins

I upload all of my sessions regardless if it’s a big loss or a big win . You’ll see them all in a 7 neighbours gambling video .


I purely do this for fun and play with what i can afford to lose. Video is purely for entertainment purposes. Please Please gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose. Always set a deposit limit and remember if Gambling is getting too much for you then you can self exclude from all Online sites by going to

Have fun and remember you simply can’t beat Random Slots / fruit machines over a sustained period of time. 

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❗❗Gambling is highly addictive and should only be played for fun. Only play with what you can afford to lose  Strictly 18+ Only❗❗

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UK Casino Slots from Leeds – £1,000 Vs Eye of Horus at £5 Stake . Very Bonus Happy! Profit or loss?

40 thoughts on “UK Casino Slots from Leeds – £1,000 Vs Eye of Horus at £5 Stake . Very Bonus Happy! Profit or loss?

  1. Well done Ross nice result. Oh btw the beetle things are called Scarabs lol

  2. Watching this back I’ve only just noticed the pay table is way tighter on this. £250 for a full line of eyes on £5 vs £250 on £2 on the 500 version. I suppose it means higher frequency of bonuses to compensate for that. Also the lines are slightly different, something else I didn’t notice when sat with you.

  3. Anybody answer this one….where are the £10,000 Jackpot casino games gone…I.e rainbow riches, spartacus etc? Do any casinos have these anymore? Would love to play them again

  4. How about big gambles at the casino. A few years ago I did 2k to 4k. No one on You Tube in the UK does the gambles in the casinos. Few machines have the gambles now and it is usually black/red, but Rainbow Riches you could gamble big on.

  5. fishing frenzy followed by eye of horus, gives me hope your play rainbow riches community in mecca next time, great result

  6. Never been a fan of this game, but you cant argue with the bonus frequency there. Good series of £1000 vs vids, look forward to next.

  7. Ross, I want to get your opinion on the Nova machine. It is hard to get bonus paying on that machine?

  8. Genuine question – why does anyone play £2 FOBTs when you can just play on these? Just no casino anywhere near me…

  9. Need to get T-shirts and hoodies made up
    I ❤ Eye of Horus & Fishin Frenzy
    After all the hate landed you nice overall profit.
    Great session 👏
    Good luck on the next.

  10. As Trainwreck would say do not gamble this is not a reality you will lose your money.

  11. Come to Manchester ill sit next to you with a cocktail while you play😅 I won £200 in my local bar a couple months ago from a £20 entry

  12. What a run, people that say you’re lucky won’t know the times we don’t even get a bonus with £1000 in

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