ULTRA RARE, WOW! Dreams of Egypt Slot – BIG WIN SESSION!

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I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY LUCK on the Dreams of Egypt slot machine by IGT!

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While it was a battle it all came together on Dreams of Egypt, a slot where triggering one of the primary features can be challenging and in this slot video I do them both!

You win in the base game by landing winning paylines, of which there are 40 although randomly, the “Shifting Sands” feature may be triggered which reveals an additional active play area and adds 60 lines for you to win! In this new play area, a permanent wild is held on reel 3.

The Free Games Bonus is triggered by landing 3 fully visible bonus symbols on the reels, which are over-sized, after which you are awarded 8 free games. During this feature, all 100 lines are active and retriggers are possible, up to 200 games in total.

The “Jackpot Playoff” feature is triggered by landing 3 fully visible Jackpot symbols after which you pick icons until you are awarded the Minor, Major or Grand Progressive. Interesting, in the instructions IGT provides the odds of winning a Jackpot award from the base game are as follows, one in:

Bet 80: Minor 1072 | Major 3990 | Grand 1026640
Bet 160: Minor 4108 | Major 1079 | Grand 74538
Bet 240: Minor 120676 | Major 896 | Grand 16819
Bet 320: Minor 4579225 | Major 942 | Grand 8167
Bet 400: Minor 16567369 | Major 1002 | Grand 5383

To be clear, the above odds reflect but the bonus trigger and your ultimate award. This is really interesting information, basically telling you that you have a 1 in 5 chance to win the Grand at max bet once the bonus is triggered: pretty good odds!

All in all, what a battle, loved it! Enjoy!

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ULTRA RARE, WOW! Dreams of Egypt Slot – BIG WIN SESSION!

12 thoughts on “ULTRA RARE, WOW! Dreams of Egypt Slot – BIG WIN SESSION!

  1. Hi Tim I been watching only your channel for slots …. you truly are amazing ! Stupid question because I'm sure you already told us this at some point , can you give us a name of a slot machine that has potential to bonus quit easier/faster then a slot like this you are playing ? Mustang Money 2 always been a favorite of mine

  2. Hi Tim, When I play games like this I get discouraged way to fast and I quit when I'm behind. It goes to show like you just did here if you hang in there you might be a winner as you were. Thanks for giving me a little more confidence and courage to keep playing longer. Next time I plan on winning.🎰
    Thanks for sharing. I Love watching your videos.

  3. I hit the grand on this at my casino. I was so excited hitting the grand and then came the huge let down it was 750 bucks I was so mad I used my one lifetime grand hit for 750 so ridiculous

  4. Ugh – they had this one at our "local" casino, and I struck out all the time on it – never got any of the bonuses or a good hit. Thankfully they took it out, I think because generally (IMHO) it's boring to play when nothing happens and it eats your moola for the most part. Great job getting those bonuses! Never saw 'em before!

  5. Yes indeed you did it all! Now that’s truly a session right there getting everything you play for! Awesome video Tim!

  6. Tim i have never seen this on this slot it's so hard to get a win. But you got the bonus good for you

  7. Wow another super hard game. I have never seen anyone trigger either bonus live. I have given this about 5 or 6 sessions with zero luck. Glad you conquered it.

  8. This game has a super lousy normal game play pay table payout. Its just like all those big machines that make a bunch of noise and vibrate your seat but will not hit huge on a line hit, and its super hard to get a bonus

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