VERY NICE! More More Hearts Slot – $8 Max Bet – BIG WIN BONUS!

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The More More Hearts slot machine by Aristocrat is Awesome!

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More More Hearts is a fantastic follow-up to the classic More Hearts slot as it not only remains faithful to what made the original such a classic, but actually improved upon it!

In the original More Hearts slot, the basic idea was to trigger the bonus for 15 free games where you start with 2 sets of reels and as you collect Heart symbols at particular intervals, additional reel sets were added with certain end reels held wild. If you collected enough, you could have as many as 4 reel sets active with reels 3 thru 5 held wild! And it’s a great game, but there were two main items that frustrated players:

1. During regular paid games, Heart symbols have ZERO value and just block paylines.

2. Retriggers were not possible.

More More Hearts improves upon these deficiencies with the following changes:
1. Landing 7 or more Heart symbols during a paid game now triggers a new Wheel Feature where a “Hearts Prize” is awarded for each Heart symbol you land or the More More Hearts Feature will be awarded.
2. During the bonus, retriggers are now possible where you are awarded one additional free game if you land 3 bonus symbols.

Those are two great improvements, although that’s not all: As you collect Heart symbols during the bonus, you now have even greater potential:
9 to 13: to play 3 sets of reels: Reel 5 held wild!
14 to 17: to play 4 sets of reels: Reel 5 held wild!
18 to 38: to play 8 sets of reels: Reels 4 & 5 held wild!
39 to 98: to play 24 sets of reels: Reels 4 & 5 held wild!
99 or more: to play 24 sets of reels: Reels 3, 4 & 5 held wild!

Can you imagine playing 24 sets with reels 3, 4, and 5 held wild – that’s a JACKPOT or BIG WIN for sure!

Some final notes:

1. As you increase your bet, the Top Symbol becomes more valuable when you land 3, 4, or 5 of them on a payline!

2. Like in the original, the More More Hearts Feature may be randomly awarded at the conclusion of any bought game.

3. Special bonus symbols that appear in reel 5 actually count as 2 bonus symbols in total, which means you only need one other bonus symbol on reels 1 thru 4 to trigger the bonus!

Just like with the original, there is a clone of More More Hearts called More More Chilli!

Congratulations to the design team on both, well done! Enjoy!

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VERY NICE! More More Hearts Slot – $8 Max Bet – BIG WIN BONUS!

12 thoughts on “VERY NICE! More More Hearts Slot – $8 Max Bet – BIG WIN BONUS!

  1. Wow, I thought u were going to fill the hearts in the first 3-5 spins but it low balled u for a minute. Scared me! Lol Then bammo- amazing win! Congrats again TBP😉(and again, u are always so kind to ur neighbors even if they do get "a hand" in the video lol)

  2. Your always so nice to the patrons who watch next to you. I'm sure you eeked a bit when she leaned in to point at the screen. Either way your awesome and keep them videos coming your my favorite one on here……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice win. When it comes to tower games have you tried shooting in "world star" format, obviously you can't change in the middle of a video. Or does that put the viewers off?

  4. Awesome session ! I was playing this game at my local and got big win, and next to me one lady unlocked all screens during 9th spin with $8 bet on more more chille and got over $17K, that was crazy on eac

  5. Great bonus! I thought you were about to unlock all the screens with all those hearts you accumulated. I look forward to the next video!

  6. You prefer the old version or the new. In the old one the last 3 reels are frozen with the diamond when collected 19 or cannot remember the exact number. The pay was very big, game like this one would be ended up with more than 6k. Did it once but lost when became irrational when put in 15k in a single night in the same machine. That was 3 years ago and will not do it with more rational thought now.

  7. You are doing a great job. Win win to every party. The casino and pokie companies are happy with the publicity and real promotion, the players can enjoy the videos by saving money, you can get more views on YouTube. Everyone is benefiting. Well done. Your voice and attitude are great.

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