40 thoughts on “WE GOT A $7,500,000 MAX WIN!!😱🔥 #shorts #bigwin #casino

  1. These 🤡s literally make money of you losing when u sign up using there referral code lol

  2. The way they make it look and fool people into making it look like real money is the wallets they deposit and withdraw the crypro into are owned by STAKE they dont get to keep any winnings , they all have contracts and have to stream a set amount of hours daily_weekly and are paid a set amount per month as whatever amount agreed in the contract , DRAKE is STAKES best paid promoter Whos contract for 2 years is worth $100million.

  3. Haha..i think they paying you too make this vedeos so that the people will think to play online casino's or slot games..haha

  4. You might as well stream the free to play slots, you don’t have $5,000,000 in networth much less one deposit. This is a crock a ****. This channel used to be sick, sell outs

  5. nice win hope it covers all the losses you put in and if it doesnt you just won your money back and im betting you lost more then this win in a over all way. Congrats on that massive entertainment investment. To all the young dumb ones DO NOT GAMBLE they only ever pay you your own money, they never let you win more then what they deem you worthy of. These slots are a complete controlled entertainment source, You will never win more then the rtp of your total deposit balance. You give them money they give you entertainment for a moment then its either you lose 90% of the time and win 10% of the time. It is better then any government run casino without a doubt and the lottery needs to die in the western world as its time and time again are corrupt piles of ****.

  6. It's all BS kids. Don't go on these sites. They give streamers money to play and rig the games so they win big to make you think you'll win big. Don't fall for this BS!

  7. Where are you now ?
    Notice how these entertainings have all moved over to posting old content on YouTube shorts …

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