40 thoughts on “WE GOT TRICKED INTO A BIG WIN!!!!

  1. Woot just 30k more subscribers till 200k Let’s go bro !!! Congrats

  2. See, Asparagus for your Vegetarians was good to you and Mom ! 😉😁. Awesome video.

  3. Good afternoon Daniel and Mom this must be the morning session and I just watch the afternoon one I'm doing it backwards that's okay I'm glad you got it big win congratulations170 thousand Subs oh my is that the most of anybody you deserve it people from all over the world are watching and loving you don't ever leave us for any reason except for emergencies that type of thing otherwise no good luck make us proud as we always are🥰🥰🥰🎇🎇🎇🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨

  4. I hit $1,800on splendid fortunes last week during the bonus. One ingot was $120.00. Over x10

  5. How in the world does mom not crack up laughing sitting next to you? I get tears in my eyes watching your videos and shes just so quiet.

  6. Lets make some big money live on the Youtuuubes… congratz for the 170k..

  7. Hi Mom you were doing good going to the left like I keep saying to go to cuz all the minis are on the right and you did good and then you went back to the right and you got the minis I believe all the right side from The Middle on to the right is all Minis

  8. Di Roller solo español .pero entiendo todos Game juego Aka en Chile 🇨🇱 13 años 👍💰💰💰💰

  9. VegasLowRoller didn’t seem to happy at the end of Rajas video tonight wow. What a look. 👀

  10. Oh Daniel u played my favorite game. The devils. Played it in Tampa and won twice over a $1000. Was wishing for u to hit it. Next time

  11. Just wanted to let you know that you and the family picker help me get through everyday. I have never been to Vegas or even played a slot machine. But your videos always bring a smile to my face no matter what I'm going through. Thank you for that and keep being you brother

  12. Daniel you and that 💐 talking was the highlight of the video for me🤣🤣 then you fired mom again love you n mom so much😁💖💓💖💓💖

  13. Never liked Vegas slots, in the UK a £2 spin has won over £5000 just on lines. Then in Vegas a $10 spin wins me a $150 bonus and mini’s

  14. Lol your mom have a very extended resume as a family picker who's been hired and fired and rehired so many times lol.

  15. Green valley casino last night was on fire. Dragon link and trains were hitting like crazy. I left with 4200 after 500 invested. Hit a 3k win myself and saw a woman hit the major train and gold train and got 4k.

  16. Amazing video n great team work ❤️❤️! Happy weekend to u n yr mom! See u soon!

  17. Daniel, I called the manager for you. They called me a Karen and said to tell you it was gambling and to suck it up.

  18. Great session! Proof that asparagus is good for the dollarino healthcare

  19. Nice win, keep on moving up until 1 million subs. 👍 thanks for sharing your awesome videos.

  20. 😂 yessss!! You finally touched the plant!! I spend way too much money on little shop of horrors it’s so addicting

  21. Aaaaaah, yes – the gloriousness of a wonderful day! WTG Mom and Daniel! Well done.

  22. New game doesn’t show award after the win, that smells fixed progressive regardless. At least the older versions, like your grand, showed – whether it was ‘real’ I guess is open for discussion

  23. i hope my local gets those new smokin hot stuffs! we love the OG one.

    side note, my dad's high school mascot was an obvious bootleg unauthorized copy of Hot Stuff in a different color😂

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