We Hit The GRAND JACKPOT On A Las Vegas Slot Machine!

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Watch my wife and I hit our first ever grand jackpot on a slot machine at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!

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We Hit The GRAND JACKPOT On A Las Vegas Slot Machine!

40 thoughts on “We Hit The GRAND JACKPOT On A Las Vegas Slot Machine!

  1. Great job Greta – you deserve it! Rewatch the ladies next to you – they totally were ready to grab your purse they were eyeing it – never lay your purse down at a casino! Just heads up! Congratulations- we love you guys

  2. People in las vegas hate when you leave a slot and not play it off,don't ever not play it off. that means hit the button again.

  3. I had to subscribe! I used to watch Brian Christopher Slots … unfortunately he has become arrogant and has as much excitement as a box of hair when he wins. Not to mention the endless catch phrases every 5 bloody seconds. You two seem genuinely happy with just playing the slots so when you do win it is that much more exciting. Cheers ✌ ❤

  4. You don't want a hand pay. Then you have to pay taxes. If I win 1200 thet take 20% Taxes. So anyting under 1200.00 is perfect.

  5. please play off your winners no one wants to sit down at a machine that just paid 1000.00 (rookies)

  6. You’re so funny how unfamiguy you are with the games and you learn as you go along.

  7. Saya dari Indonesia tolong krim kan saya uang dolar 5 dolar saja tolong,tolong rekening bank 483001011355534.
    Please 5 dolar saja . Translate Indonesia – Inggris

  8. Congratulations! You are now gonna live the rest of you’re life gambling specifically slots! Welcome to NOT JUST LIKE THAT CLUB! No shade I’m you but from the future. 😂
    GOOD JOB! 👍

  9. That scream 😱 was horrible like imagine if she won bigger must not be used to big things Lmao 🤣

  10. We have slot machines in every bar in Australia and their grand jackpots are like 17k.. Just at small pubs. Las Vegas seems over-rated

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