Wednesday slots – A BIG WIN to start, and 12 bonuses to play!

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I will be including safer gambling information in all my videos from now on, alongside links back to my own website. This is an important aspect of gambling, and I urge anyone affected to use all the available resources, no matter how big or small you feel the issue might be.


Please also remember that my videos are highlights of longer sessions. A more complete picture is given with the statistics given and the profit / loss videos I post on my channel and website. Put simply, playing these slots is a losing proposition over time, and is simply a means of paying for entertainment.

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Wednesday slots – A BIG WIN to start, and 12 bonuses to play!

18 thoughts on “Wednesday slots – A BIG WIN to start, and 12 bonuses to play!

  1. It’s almost as if the casino knows they didn’t cost too much to collect 🧐
    Robbed you blind I think.

  2. Love the Madame Destiny hit, had almost exact screen myself not so long ago… cannot land that elusive bonus retrigger though, one of the things that sits very high on the slot bucket list still!

  3. I often wonder on games like extra juicy megaways if in the bonus it just gives random spins, or if it assigns a total bonus value based on a range for what level of the ladder you get to, for example maybe 12 spins pays between 10x and 200x, 16 spins pays between 20x and 400x, and so on.

  4. George out of rainbow haha, im gonna go for a punt of your age. You must be a very early 80s baby like me, 81 or 82 I'm saying

  5. Mystery all the way with 5lions, if you're going to hit the max potential it will come from high spins with a high multiplier

  6. When you get a bonus of 84pence, keep playing…..have to get a bonus soon after …..that was an absolute joke

  7. Kind of a crossbar job there gent. Wish you would do a daily vid, though realise it costs a few bob 😄

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