Wheel of Fortune Slots Big Win 2018! (Gambling Vlog #6)

Big Win Video Information:

Wheel of fortune slots big win for me! I also play video poker deuces wild, and watch a lady win a jackpot as it happens! Slots 2018 baby! Also the shout out spins failed, but on the main spin when we did it all together… magic!

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Wheel of Fortune Slots Big Win 2018! (Gambling Vlog #6)

12 thoughts on “Wheel of Fortune Slots Big Win 2018! (Gambling Vlog #6)

  1. You should have said Trump he’s a winner. You mentioned all ****ing losers. Lucky I love you or you would have lost my subscriber 🇺🇸

  2. I’m not gunna lie did not like this guy at first maybe cause I’m from New York lol but I couldn’t stop watching him. Now I love this guy he’s the man he so funny. Parkourrrrr

  3. I've always wondered how much they had to pay that guy in 'Goodfellas' to break his hand like that. Had to hurt like hell! Thank God they got it in one take👍

  4. Should've played for a third spin. That's the one that always hits big…..actually idk what the hell I'm talking about

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