White Tiger Slot – BIG WIN BONUS – SHORT & SWEET!

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AWESOME TOP SYMBOL WIN on the White Tiger slot machine by Aristocrat!

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White Tiger remains one of my all-time favorite slots that’s extremely playable and I have about 10 slot videos of it – I’ve done it all except win The Grand!

White Tiger is part of Aristocrat’s “Jackpot Reel Power” family of slots where you win by landing at least 2 or more of the same symbol on consecutive reels from left to right, depending on the symbol. The slot is called “White Tiger” so if you assumed the White Tiger symbol was Top Symbol, you could be forgiven even as you would also be wrong. While not Top Symbol, it is stacked, so great wins are certainly possible with it. The Top Symbol is the Fang symbol, but landing stacked White Tigers also may have the best overall potential!

The Jackpot Feature is initiated when a 5-of-a-kind win includes the special “Wild Crown” symbol on reel 3 after which you are awarded one spin of the Jackpot Reel. During this free spin, all reels except reel 3 are held and reel 3 is replaced with the special Jackpot Reel where you get to choose one reel position for either a multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, 8x or even 10x!

You may also find a special crown symbol for either the Grand, Major or Minor Progressive – or a “Bonus Prize” of either 500, 1000 or 1500 credits multiplied by your bet multiplier. One interesting point: if you find a multiplier, the amount you win on your initiating spin isn’t necessarily the win that the multiplier will be applied to if reel 3 also contained the symbol used in your 5-of-a-kind win!

The Free Games Feature is initiated by landing 3 or more bonus symbols on consecutive reels from left to right for 10 free games. During the bonus, extra Crown symbols are added to reel 3 giving you a better shot to initiate the Jackpot Feature, as you will see!

Finally, the Grand, Major, and Minor Progressive can be won randomly after each bought game!

White Tiger remains an all-time favorite, and to see an AMAZING run where I pretty much do it all, BETTER THAN JACKPOT, check out my 75k Subscriber Celebration video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3DoBRQcbAc

Interested in just the good stuff?!
0:00 White Tiger Intro
1:32 Free Games Bonus – BIG WIN!


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White Tiger Slot – BIG WIN BONUS – SHORT & SWEET!

36 thoughts on “White Tiger Slot – BIG WIN BONUS – SHORT & SWEET!

  1. I actually remember this game from a few years ago & you crushed it. Round 3 is definitely your victorious round! Best of luck.

  2. This looks like it was filmed at my local here in Pittsburgh. They changed the white tiger machines around and they slow down now. They added more, but they’re different machines. Than before.

  3. Aristocrat should place this slot into the wonder 4 rotation or place more than 1 game on the screen at a time.

    Not a fan of Romans
    Believe a buffalo is a bison

    So yeah i miss the Sun Tiger.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. White Tiger remains an all-time favorite, and to see an AMAZING run where I pretty much do it all, BETTER THAN JACKPOT, check out my 75k Subscriber Celebration video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3DoBRQcbAc Thanks for watching and if you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-TBP

  5. Love this game but I would be having a melt down with how laggy and slow those reels played in the bonus. The big hit would make up for it, but if it was a bonus bust I would not be happy.

  6. Played this on Saturday. I was supposed to be at a Christmas party, but changed my mind. I figured why go to a party and spend money without some sort of gain, when I can go the casino, grab a lil luck, and make it do what it does… hit for the minor progressive which paid out $197. Got a few bonuses, but they were crap.

  7. Great session Tim! Merry Christmas and happy New Year coming soon, enjoy with your family, a big hug! 🙏🏻😘👏🏻🎉🍀🍄🎰🤗👍🏻

  8. Sup.. tim..
    Congratulations…on the win..
    Hey… what's the name of the song playing?… thanks..
    Have a nice night or day..

  9. Excellent Bonus, Tim! I am in total agreement with you on this game, I always seem to wander back to it in my local! Usually, its very reliable when nothing else seems to pay! LOL! Congrats your wonderful win!!! (and happy early Merry Christmas to you, my friend!)

  10. I played this every time I went to my local casino. But it’s been taken out I was sad about that. I really loved it. You had a great session!

  11. Tomorrow I’m taking my mom to the casino since we are both off for Xmas day please teach me sensay!!!

  12. Great game. I got the Grand on that game at Northern edge casino in Farmington, Nm. Chx off the bucket list. Great video btw !!!

  13. I am so glad I came across your channel. Seeing these older type games and a low bet, which is what I play mostly. This makes me want to play this again at my local. It used to be one of my faves!

  14. This one is a great classic indeed and nice to have it come through for you. Nice quick triple up Tim the bonus was great!

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