Wild Fury Jackpots Slot – $6 Max Bet – BIG WIN BONUS, YEAH!

Big Win Video Information:

The Wild Fury Jackpots slot machine by IGT has a unique bonus!

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In Wild Fury Jackpots, the goal is to trigger the bonus by landing bonus symbols in reels 2, 3, and 4 to award you one spin of the wheel to determine your number of spins for either 10, 15, or 20!

Like certain other games where the goal in the bonus is to reach a certain goal, spins matter in Wild Fury Jackpots, as the Jackpot level you are awarded is determined by the number of total wilds you land.

What’s cool is that the Jackpot levels increase as you land certain “Level Up” or “Double Level Up” symbols, as you will see! In addition, you can land extra free spins, too, which are very important to help the cause.

All in all, Wild Fury Jackpots is a fun game where periodically Dragons will pay you a visit to give you a chance for a Big Win, Enjoy!

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Wild Fury Jackpots Slot – $6 Max Bet – BIG WIN BONUS, YEAH!

12 thoughts on “Wild Fury Jackpots Slot – $6 Max Bet – BIG WIN BONUS, YEAH!

  1. WOW you did amazing on this one BP! Congrats! OK, I'll try again maybe 🙂

  2. Played this recently at $3.00 a spin and got it up to the $750 level . Pretty good game if you can even get the bonus lol

  3. Bonus is very hard to get AND of all the times I've watched people play I've seen maybe 60-80 bonus rounds and all they get is 10 spins. Saw 15 twice and 20 spins once. Ridiculous. No wonder they pulled the game from my local casino. It was dead. No one playing anymore.

  4. That was pretty kool … only playing on a $100.00 start up. Very nice Winnings!

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