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This is the Wild Stallion Slot Machine Pokie by Aristocrat Technologies which was played at Pala Resort & Casino.

This video features 2 Bonus Games 3 weeks apart.

I saw this game while playing Wonder 4 and remembered that I had seen Shinobi Slots get an amazing win on this game at Pechanga Casino and Resort (Link Below). I decided to play it and in the process had someone try to steal my ticket. I have included that story at the end of this video.

Shinobi Slots Wild Stallion Video:

A very nice feature of this game is that it has a 3x and 5x multiplier on Reels 2 and 4 respectively very similar to Pompeii and Timberwolf. With both multipliers appearing on the screen any wins can be 15x – which can be HUGE!

I Truly Hope You Enjoy This Video!!!!

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  1. you should have gotten a floor person and told them about it – at Pala they are very good at taking care of things like that.

  2. She probably didn't hear you when you said "Oops, I forgot my card" and thought you left….who would "STEAL" a $1.18 ticket?? I go to Pala frequently and know, people leave small amounts on machines all the time….on more than one occasion, I would sit in a machine and then notice there's like 50 or 75 cents in there….so what I do is, I cash it out and just put it in front of me by the buttons….I then insert MY VOUCHER and play. If someone comes back and claim it then it's right there…..never had anyone claim it though so I just end up keeping it.

  3. the fact she kept sitting there the whole time suggests she was probably just clueless about it, in one sense or another. i guess if it upset me i'd have confronted her about it politely, might make her think twice before doing it again. fortunately it was just a buck. people abandon a few bits in machines all the time, almost like for good luck — maybe she was down on her luck and saw things a little too wishfully? 😉

  4. I would have asked her to watch my machine before I left and told her I left my card. I'm normally oblivious to what's going on around me when I'm playing and probably wouldn't have heard you…but I wouldn't have taken your ticket either…just not noticed if someone else sat down.

  5. I'm always making sure what's going on around me. I used to work as a seruity person. I would press the service button and report the button on the machine doesn't work. And see if that person still bug's me.

  6. One time, I finished playing t a machine & I had just walked about 10 steps from the machine when I realized I had left my $600 in it. I quickly ran back to that machine & could see a woman walking away from it with a ticket in her hand. I immediately yelled out to her that I thought she had my ticket. At first she tried to deny it but then quickly changed her story & said that she was going to take it to security. Who knows if she was telling the truth but I was relieved to have my ticket back!

  7. Wild stallions and timberwolf are my two favorite slot games. That was an awesome hits… and some people are just nuttz. Next time say something. It's good to be a good person but some people just need to be put on their place

  8. Shame on her but luckily you did spot this out and know to keep your guard up at all times the best way I fill to handle this would be to ask her is something wrong that way she would be aware that you seem her and it wouldn't give her a chance to just to the defensive if you were to ask her straight out best of luck always and be careful

  9. Stunned! You should have said something to security. She has probably done it before and will again. Thanks for your video!

  10. Now wins on the Stallion! Sorry for your run-in with that lady. Same happened to me w a strange older lady years ago in Atlantic City but it was just a one-timer fortunately!

  11. Wow, i suggest next time turn your chair around, or something that kinda hints the machine is taken. At a popular SoCal casino like pala, many things can happen in a matter of seconds. A month ago i witness a lady and a guy arguing just because the lady was playing on 3 machines and the guy told her she was too greedy. So an argument started. But in the future if you are there and she comes by and starts acting up, then i do suggest you let floor staff to keep an eye on her.

  12. I would have pulled out $2 and gave it to her and tell her if she need money so bad as to steal $1.18.

  13. It is illegal! Call security and take her photo (although she will be on security video anyway) this is a common occurrence, though. There are always people I'm casinos looking for machines that still have credits on them. Or credits left after a hand pay that winner has not spun off. That is why I always do a back up spin.

  14. That was bad, taking some ones ticket!! She knew you wanted to play that game!! Is that game still at the same spot? I believe it has been replaced with Dancing Drums game?

  15. I would notify security cause there what we call scavengers they lurk around the casino and wait for ppl to either forget there tickets or sit and play someone else's money and use there player card I've had this happen to me but they got busted by camera's in the casino stealing my money and had to pay me back what they played.

  16. In Vegas I had some fat black woman say to me "Gimme a dollah"…. I said "for what? so you can put it in a slot?" She says "yeah"….. I told her no, my money is for my own machine. She acted put out…..jerk. Downtown old Vegas.

  17. I am relieved to see that I am not the only one who has been targeted at So Cal Indian Casinos. I have had 3 serious ticket incidents over the past 5 years. That might not sound like that much but when you consider that I always play large denominations with 2-3k usually deposited at any given time I have to always be vigilant.

    There is so much that goes on at these casinos that the average patron would be totally shocked. If you are interested in a true account feel to read below.

    The first time I was targeted I was at Morongo Casino on an average Monday morning around 11am. I had just hit 3 off center quick hits on a 2 dollar bonus times machine located on the end of the Bank . It paid me 1156$ and I cashed it out. As if I’m cue the waitress arrived right then with my drink. I placed the voucher across the buttons and turned slightly to pay her. Without saying a word to me and what I suspect was a joint effort she allowed an unseen man to ever so light and quickly lift the ticket without me seeing. I immediately discovered that the large voucher was gone and alerted a slot manager . Unfortunately instead of believing the claims of a long time regular VIP player and simply block the voucher from being cashed he chose to interrogate me in the middle of the casino reviewing all the possible places I might have “left it”. Luckily my long time executive host Shauna Hilton knew my wife and I well and was immediate willing to go to bat for me by explaining the event to the Executive Director . They never would show me the video but the Exec. Director did give me $1200 free play to compensate and asked me to forget the incident.

    My wife and I had a very similar situation to yours at Soboba . We both thought the other had cashed out he voucher and when we got maybe 10 paces away she ran back to the machine just to discover the voucher and the tweeker which had been trying to talk to us all night gone . We had been marked. I notified security and they asked me to be patient which I was. I told them that there was only one exit and if they didn’t get the theif I would . I am not a little man. I am 6’2 300lbs with full tattoos all over. I am a super nice guy by every man has his limit. After another 45 I asked what was the status and the responded with “we have him under surveillance”. I was flabbergasted . What was there plan , let that punk play out all my wife’s ticket and then tell me “oh well sir we tried to get your funds returned”!!

    Right that very moment I spotted the man walking briskly down the middle of the front room AND I COULDNT STOP MYSELF!!! I exploded.

    I immediately walked right up to him and said two words “where’s my money” then I hit him!!

    He literally flew over the Buffalo Bank of slots in the middle of the room . It was awesome to see his feet fly up in the air like that. I let him stumble to his feet and then pursued him out the door where finally security detained him. Unfortunately because I assaulted this thief I was initially banned from the casino for a year . So I wrote a request for an Appeal by management and since I had never had any issues, was a red card holder and tip well management reversed the ban almost immediately.

    Over the years I have had various petty things happen. Like full tanks of gas stolen from my truck while in VALET, various items stolen from cars and one time even my garage opener. (What were they gonna do with it ) .

    Just be careful and also watch what you post on social media or Facebook. All the casino ms marketing staff are checking players pages and comments. People have been banned just for their own opinion.

    Anyways , good luck !!!

  18. same thing in australia i noticed some guy had got got feature betting 6 bucks a press then put reseve sign on his machine and walked of as feature went on to get a drink came back his ticket was removed by a lady it was over 2000 dollars but the girl was no where to be seen but he did get his money but the poor girl behind the bar had to pay it out of her money its crazy how some people come to greed

  19. Put her picture in the next video, if you see her again. So when other people go to Pala we’ll know who she is.

  20. Well for one I would never leave my machine that has money in it, and two if I had to I would call security to watch it for a few minutes until I got back. I've done this before and they don't mind doing it
    You're situation was different but stealing is still stealing and she could be banned from the property.

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