Wild Wolf Slot – $10 Max Bet – BIG WIN Retrigger Bonus!

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And even a RARE Slot Glitch Bonus!

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The Wild Wolf slot appears to be a clone of the classic “Wolf Run” video slot that I only recently felt the need to play at $8 max bet high-denomination. The game play of Wild Wolf is fairly basic: it’s a line game with a bonus that’s triggered by getting bonus symbols in reels two, three, and four which gives a whopping 5 free spins- I hate when games only give you 5! It’s too bad, as the bonus is fairly hard to get and many times you end up with very little: they should have done ten spins instead. At the time, what made the game somewhat unique was its characteristic stacked wilds during the regular game and even more so during the bonus. In this Wolf Wild slot video you’ll also see(well hear, anyway!) an actual audio glitch in the programming which I caught on video! It was one of those “what the heck” moments although too bad the glitch didn’t work in my favor- watch and you’ll see what I mean, Enjoy!

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Wild Wolf Slot – $10 Max Bet – BIG WIN Retrigger Bonus!

12 thoughts on “Wild Wolf Slot – $10 Max Bet – BIG WIN Retrigger Bonus!

  1. is that a good amount to win for size of bet I play online slots if I bet 5$/£ a spin I would expect that amount u won I know you play Vegas so wins and bets are different love the game by the way

  2. That was awesome! Congrats! A retrigger on this game is always welcome

  3. Awesome bonus and you got to love the retrigger! 👍🏽💰💰💰

  4. cool! Nice bonus and re-trigger. Do the wilds come up more during free games? I feel like they are hitting or at least coming up on the screen almost every spin.

  5. Nice. I've been watching your videos and really appreciate how optimistic and friendly you are (esp when others are watching or cheering). Have you noticed that most machines you hit a bonus on or get a good line hit usually happens in the first 10 spins? I don't understand how people will stay on a cold machine.

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