10 thoughts on “Win Big or Lose It ALL?! Insane £79 Bet On Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette

  1. Did you see how the ball was pulled to the 2 it was a magent for sure

  2. For all players. believe me this game is controlled you never win . trust me you destroy your life. Don't trust YouTube they win big all of them have relationship with them they tell them when big bouns come .they are all making reklame and they have site gambling.
    Trust me if you they reject your bet or they make problem to you for withdrawing.
    YouTubers never lose because this company send for them Money think well .
    I hope all understand because my English not very good

  3. Guys Don't trust ***treme roulette or any other roulette in any of the evolution roulette table… I realize they do something for stop the ball on particular number

  4. I never won more than a 100x with a 20p bet until today when I got a free £1 bonus and put 20p on 5 different numbers including 18 which came in at 500x so I won £100. Not bad considering I’m broke

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