Wolf Peak Slot – HUGE WIN SESSION!

Big Win Video Information:

AWESOME BATTLE on the Wolf Peak slot machine by IGT!

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Wolves are popular in slots and I scored a HUGE WIN on Wolf Run Eclipse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CllmvUUN9sI And an AWESOME JACKPOT on Wolf Run Gold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF3cY433vPw Two great ones to check out!

Interested in just the good stuff?!
0:00 Wolf Peak Intro
2:18 Line Hit – BIG WIN!
5:44 Line Hit – BIG WIN!
14:31 Line Hit – HUGE WIN!


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Wolf Peak Slot – HUGE WIN SESSION!

11 thoughts on “Wolf Peak Slot – HUGE WIN SESSION!

  1. I love wolf games.
    Wish our local casino would get this one.
    Great video. Thank you for sharing.
    Really enjoy your channel 😀

  2. Tim: Great show as always, and again no cursing. I don't think I mention that I work for a small company here in PA that produces the button control (for betting, and also the card readers) .

  3. Really great session, my last name is wolf, so this wolflady really likes Wolf Peak. Cool
    Jill from Kansas

  4. Wow 😳 Amazing Amen I thought it had you for a second but then bam there's the blessings Amen praying for you and your family Amen

  5. I played this last weekend. Finally got free games and it paid $23 on the $4 bet. But I still loved the game. Lots of action and big wins during regular play. Progressives seem to come out more often than other games. 🍀💯

  6. Hello Tim this is a interesting looking machine. We like the way the wilds keeps growing. Fantastic session with all those nice bonuses. Good luck

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