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XQC gets incredible wins over the course of 2022 and all of these wins are EXTREMELY rare like full screen wins, 1000x coins, base hit games, and so much more!

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40 thoughts on “XQC’s CRAZIEST SLOT WINS OF HIS LIFE! (Extremely Rare Hits!)

  1. ive seen better acting on pornhub there's no way he's playing with his own money while im sure he does get paid a big fat check every hour streaming there's no way any of the money he's playing with isn't complete intirely the casino's i've seen the big streamers that does play with their own money they almost have a ****ing heart attack any time they either win big or lose big.
    like atleast make it ****ing believeable.

  2. First of all, I wish you a life full of health and happiness. I wake up a lot when I say this, but I made a mistake and invested my rent for 1 year in this game. I am currently living on the street. Could you please donate some

  3. Hmm his reactions on big wins are very entertainingd… i mean its looks very sus to me…

  4. Alles entertaining, das ist das wenn man Verträge mit dem casino hat. Leute denk daran wir können sowas niemals gewinnen, gebt bloß kein Geld dafür aus

  5. Makes several times my annual salary in one free spin "come on, hit something. Do SOMETHING!"

  6. Annoying greek ruins this video so bad with his overly entertaining reacting. OW MAI GOWD OW MAI GOWD…….

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  8. Whoever believes that these guys are actually using real money or that they can cashout 2 million dollars from some gambling sites is a moron.
    There is no way in hell that these gambling sites would give someone 2 million dollars just from playing some game online.
    Bet365 is on of the world's biggest betting sites, and if you were to win 2 million dollars, they would find a way to screw you around for weeks if not months before they pay you out.

  9. And the Oscar goes to entertaining entertaining I mean streamer 😂😂😂😂😂😂 nice demo mode dude

  10. He recommended it the sponger. Mooch barred off twitch for entertaining money getting kids addicted to gambling scumbags.

  11. Use code: DAILY for $10 free on Stake when you sign up or use my code! Play responsibly 😀

  12. if streamers are accused of getting Priority queue on certain games, how long till gambling fans start to consider the real possibility of it being more lucrative to do so in these type of games

  13. if id win 1,6 million, id scream around and throw things for 10mins and then id pass out. x literally sits there and puts his arms up like i did when i won a football game with 16 or something ☠️

  14. this is reason why there are so many gambling problems…. Some people actually think this is real.

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