🎰 Penny Slot Machine pays $13,000 Jackpot Handpay 🎰

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Yes, you can get a massive jackpot handpay at the casino on a penny slot machine.

This shows what a hot slot looked like just prior to a mega jackpot. I was max betting the whole time. I’ve also uploaded proof that this was an ACTUAL handpay and not taken at G2E or similar (people asked… and demanded).

I think this is the biggest slot machine jackpot win ever in YouTube history for this game.

UPDATE: Guys – I want to make an important point for people watching this and similar videos. This is a rare hit, perhaps a once in a lifetime hit for me anyways. I don’t want anyone to get the impression that gambling is a winning proposition for most people.

As an example, please see the following video I have uploaded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPEV8w3F4UU&

This shows the same bonus on the Voice slot machine, also with the maximum of 20 spins. The results are drastically different. You can’t expect to always win even when you get the best bonus in the game! Just keep that in mind and gamble for fun not for profit!

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🎰 Penny Slot Machine pays $13,000 Jackpot Handpay 🎰

12 thoughts on “🎰 Penny Slot Machine pays $13,000 Jackpot Handpay 🎰

  1. Awesome hit! And to everyone complaining that the camera was moving, imagine how excited you would be, knowing you are getting PAID those last ten spins. 🙂 GG

  2. People were seriously asking for your W2 as proof of the win? Screw them, you don’t owe them that. Great hit. That must have been so exciting

  3. I just stumbled on this video, it does my heart good to know u won in my birthday month. Congrats, from Alabama w/❤😁

  4. Man don't even worry about those **** ass haters. They are jyst jealous. I still love watching that dream jackpot

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