🔴 Slot Machine Odds Changed LIVE 😱 How it works 🎰

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✅ This video was cross examined for accuracy by industry experts both currently working in the casino and former industry employees prior to being posted.

How Slot Machine odds are changed in a Class 3 facility! This video is for class III gaming and does not apply to Class II. See the video library to find out the differences!

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🔴 Slot Machine Odds Changed LIVE 😱 How it works 🎰

40 thoughts on “🔴 Slot Machine Odds Changed LIVE 😱 How it works 🎰

  1. Something I noticed on yours is there is a tamper-proof seal of some type placed over the motherboard case so it can't be opened without that seal being broken. Makes sense that yours is ripped. LOL. But isn't that a seal that is put on by a gaming commission representative when chips are changed out so they know if anybody else has been in there who shouldn't be? If that's true, you should mention it to folks also. If that's true of course

  2. Guess everyone has noticed as popular slot machines get older casinos adjust the odds? Just not as frequent you might get a bonus , or bonus just doesn’t pay as well as in the past.

  3. Sir, what is "GAME" means in GAME 1, GAME 2 GAME 3 per denom?

  4. What keeps tribal casinos honest if they don’t report to state gaming commission? Example Coushatta in Kinder,LA

  5. I regularly play slots at an Ohio racino. Why does it seem like the slots are "put to sleep" around 1am??? It never fails…. can't hardly hit anything past that time. This may be a dumb question, but does the time of day you play matter in any way??

  6. Thank you for all the inside tips, very interesting to know and keep in mind when gambling 😊.

  7. The odds of winning isn't the issue..its…am I going to get up and go home after I'm ahead or even…😁

  8. Hey thank you as well for going through this process. Tom from California 👍

  9. Just want to say thank you for your tips on getting a hand pay…
    For the the third time in less than a month I have brought home profit, tonight 7/6/2022 I brought home $1500.00 profit! I went with $400.00!! Thank you for your information!!!

  10. Thanks for a great explanation of how they are set up and changed! I have heard the remote myth for years and always wondered if it was fact or fiction.

  11. How often do the odds get changed? How many of a casinos slots are changed at a particular time?

  12. I am sure you have great insight in how things use to be. But if everything is done manually why the big casinos spent the money in a super expensive central server update ?.

  13. When playing slots, I observed slot techs open a slot machine and write this or that down then push what ever button then clean see the machine. How come ?

  14. Hey cowboy, I have often heard and even said that people who have higher based players rewards cards hit more often than the beginning players reward card…is this true or a myth?

  15. I have been at the casino when the money is being taken out of the machine. So my question is this: because the machine is opened to remove the box full of money and replace it with an empty box. Do the odds change after the machine is closed and ready to be played again?

  16. QUESTION: How are the odds set and changed on an online slot? And, when you're playing a slot online is it a one-on-one playing experience or (like in the case of tournaments) are several people hitting the same online machine or software at the same time?

  17. How long have you been a slot tech and did you ever work for IGT, Bally etc, etc

  18. At what point does the machine audits itself. If the odds are set at 98% payouts and hasn't met that amount, will and when does it make the correction?

  19. Despite your showing this difficulty changing odds, there are still going to be deniers out there – tnx vid.

  20. Thanks very much! However; a couple of years ago the techs at Wildhorse Casino probably did change odds right in front of me. They opened each of the machines, and told me it was something else. It had always been a winning machine until after that. Kind of a. Bummer!! Happy for your channel.

  21. Q: Do central server computers in casinos control the slot machines at their will or is it pure BS? – How do we know they're not controlling the percentage payout or even if they tight up wins at every slot machine??? I'll appreciate your honest answer to this – I've read a lot of crap about how an ass***** can control slots outcome just with a few strokes on his computer, and remotely – is this true or simply BS????????? THANKS.

  22. With all do respect I didn’t find that long or difficult at all. You did it in like 3 mins.😂

  23. I feel you on your information
    However, Indian Casinos don’t have to go by traditional Casino rules and regulations on percentage payback, they make their own rule’s because they’re on sovereign territory.
    But in my opinion, they’re all crooked .
    You can’t beat anything that man has control over.

  24. Great video! I have a S2000 with chip SG000362. Would I use KEY17 or KEY37? Also, are there any other chips I should own to maintain this at home unit?

  25. Who checks to see that the correct computer chip is in the machine? What if the casino replaces it with their own?

  26. Honestly, the most surprising thing for me was to see just… how old the CPU on the motherboard on that machine is. While I understand that this is an older machine, it was still interesting to see

  27. Help i can not get my 3 wheel slot machine to pay out i have it set on 6' its a pachislo?

  28. Also what is the red button for? And how do i set my 3 wheels to make sure they are aligned?

  29. Does this process apply to VGT or NOVA machines as well? I worked as a game tech installing these machines and overheard the main tech being told which games to load toothed machines and setting them hot, from a SERVER. Also, please explain how a machine goes from HOT paying like mad, payout, then go stone cold, if the 'odds' remain the same. That is confusing.

  30. I has watched dozens of video about how the RGN works, but I still confused. If each spin is independently and random, let say the RTP is 96%, how the RGN knows that need to pay 96%? Thanks in advance

  31. I noticed when I was on a slot for 2 hours hitting bonuses , once it hit 12am , no more bonuses or large wins.

  32. Do you know how the slot machines are regulated on cruise lines that have ports in the US?

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