40 thoughts on “$250 Max Bet Dragon Cash MASSIVE JACKPOT #shorts

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  2. Literally a 82x your bet, I’ve had 6500x, 6200x,5000x twice, and 500-3000x probably 40 times on online slots, they’re so superior 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Id be pissed about a 82x bonus 🤣😭

  3. Ебать, челу выпало х100, а радуются как будто все х10.000

  4. Asking to get robbed when you’re walking out lmao. People need to keep quiet when they win big

  5. NG.. Nice To meet You In Person.. Yesterday.. At Yaamava Casino…

  6. Que suerte con su último tiro le salieron los bonos tiro su último de 250 dll y le quedaban 130 dll. Y ganó más de 20000 dll.
    A toda madre

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