AMAZING JACKPOT HANDPAY!!! FULL SCREEN #1 BONUS WIN! Napoleon and Josephine Slot Machine (WMS)

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Napoleon and Josephine slot machine AMAZING FULL SCREEN JACKPOT HANDPAY BONUS!I was very happen with this win! I have been playing Napoleon and Josephine for years with no luck like this! It is the only LIVE AS IT HAPPENS full screen Jackpot Handpay on this game on YouTube! Blueheart casino wins has the only other full screen. This screen does not come around as frequently as the mystical unicorn slot machine or the King of Africa slot machine. It’s a rare jackpot Handpay! I enjoy these classic Wms G+ Deluxe slot machines! (When I win!)

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napoleón y josephine jackpot handpay debe ver!

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Napoleon Slot Machine

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AMAZING JACKPOT HANDPAY!!! FULL SCREEN #1 BONUS WIN! Napoleon and Josephine Slot Machine (WMS)

40 thoughts on “AMAZING JACKPOT HANDPAY!!! FULL SCREEN #1 BONUS WIN! Napoleon and Josephine Slot Machine (WMS)

  1. Nicely done. Congrats on jackpot. Feels good when you get full screen. Welcome to rare company. 🙂

  2. “See that Blueheart!!! I got it live!!” BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! YYYYYASSSSSSS!!!

  3. Its dumb when u press the button fast just a little tip wether u press the button fast or not ur still gona get the same win

  4. Hello guys new friend tayo Tara Labuan na. Ito uunahan na kita ayos na yan. Stay safe

  5. Unbelievable!!! Sooo cool to see full screen and the retrigger!! I had to see this video after your comment 🤣 Totally enjoyed this video!! Wishing you lots of lucky spins 🍀😎

  6. Hello Slotman777 ! We are new to the community and would love for your support ! Please like or subscribe to our channel . Have an amazing day and keep up the great wins ! ~ #ReelTwinning

  7. Hmmm – I know I've seen this before, but maybe I saw it in a later compilation vid or something. Awesome to see it again as it happens!

  8. Incredible full screen, I never had full on that machine.
    Nice Broo.👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Glad you directed me over here. That was amazing to watch. I got close…but not a full screen – I think on 80 cents – lol. It was exciting that you almost knew it was going to happen…crazy win…and much congrats to you. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I was TRYING to remember the name of this game JUST the other day!!! I knew it was two names but I kept thinking Cleo & I’m like no, then I was like it’s not Rome & Egypt lol but I knew it was WMS

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