Aristocrat – Captain Cutthroat Slot Machine Bonus ***MEGA*** Win

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Captain Cutthroat Slot Machine Bonus

Fantastic Bonus feature on Captain Cutthroat. I have some pretty decent videos on YT for this game…however, this is my best feature to date! …this game can be brutal – IMO. I call this game – Buffalo Part II…along with some of the other clones. However, this night was a different scenario. Enjoy this awesome win!

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Aristocrat – Captain Cutthroat Slot Machine Bonus ***MEGA*** Win

12 thoughts on “Aristocrat – Captain Cutthroat Slot Machine Bonus ***MEGA*** Win

  1. It is never over until the FAT LADY sings…well that's what they say…I always brave the storm when recording videos…only a few times I was caught with the last spin being a MONSTER hit and I had already shut down the video. I try not to practice this anymore. Thanks for viewing.

  2. If you watch any of my "win your way" videos. You will notice I always select the most volatile setting…for the HIGHER rewards. Doesn't mean I going to win…but if I do, I will gain more credits. Thanks for the comments and for watching.

  3. Thanks MiMi. I appreciate your support and watching my videos.

  4. Good Job Amanda. This game can be a sleeper, however, when its ready to pay, watch out. Thanks for viewing.

  5. Thanks lam…glad you enjoy the videos. As long as you guys support, I will do what I can to show a win. Thanks again.

  6. Funny how one gets to choose their volatility on this game. I played it and got nothing, but only played it once, so it's not fair to say that this game doesn't have potential. I only played my usual $20 to try a game too and that's not the way to go if I chose the high volatility feature which I did. I will play it again. I'm a huge fan of Aristocrat even though they can be dead for long periods of time. I just love their X27 possible win feature and possible great line hits.
    Wolfy 🙂

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  8. too bad you didn`t have an "ace" on the first reel on your first decent hit, would`ve been a really big hit.

  9. Well shiver me timbers, you uncovered a real treasure there Captain C. Congrats on an almost hand pay.

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