Aristocrat – Tarzan Lord of the Jungle – BIG WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

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Big Slot Machine Bonus win on Tarzan Lord of the Jungle. This Slot Machine Bonus is dedicated to Tammy S…the other half of NYPhinix13…a fellow YouTuber. I was having a real good day at the casino, and decided to give this game a shot. Haven’t played it in a while … and much to my surprise…it was giving me hit after hit. Enjoy this Slot Bonus and Video Dedication. More video dedications to come in the future….Enjoy!

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Aristocrat – Tarzan Lord of the Jungle – BIG WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

23 thoughts on “Aristocrat – Tarzan Lord of the Jungle – BIG WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. It's so nice to see the 10x hit on a good paying line instead of something crappy! Very nice win!

  2. Tam and I just watched it together and wow, that 10x win on the spins was amazing!  Thanks for the dedication Mike, she is an avid Tarzan player though she has strayed away from them lately LOL  
    Congrats on all those wins…they sure added up!

  3. Really nice wins.  How long can it be before Casey Kassim is doing the voiceover … sending out those special slot video dedications …?  🙂  Really nice wins! 

  4. Enjoyed watching this from start to end! I sat in front of this machine for a good half hour one time and didn't come even close to these big wins. Amazing bonus btw!

  5. I mostly play Tarzan when grand is close to 300k at my local. (Dreaming that grand) That's when it hits mostly. Other than that it's hard to win much on them. Actually today I got first time zero from bonus round. Lol added to my zero club collection.
    You did have great features with super nice bonus round. Congrats.

  6. Oh btw once I got 4 bonus symbols with 10x in bonus. 5 bonus could have been 3K. If only lol.

  7. Very nice wins!  I've seen it, but never played it.  In fact, this is the first time I've really seen any gameplay on it.  Thanks for sharing and congrats!

  8. I just played this machine at Harrah Chester, PA. I put $100 and got the free game. Spun the wheel 8 times and hit the major $750 and got 30 spins + additional 30 spins. Cashed out $1106.47. Great game!

  9. awesome video, tarzan is one of my favorites right now but its slowly being weeded out of the casinos

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