AWESOME WIN & RETRIGGER! Dragon’s Law Rapid Fever Slot – LOVED IT!

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UP TO $10 BETS on the Dragon’s Law Rapid Fever slot machine by Konami!

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Dragon’s Law Rapid Fever continues the Dragon’s Law tradition and builds upon Dragon’s Law Twin Fever!

You win in the base game by landing winning paylines and additionally, there is a bet-selected “Strike Zone” for the middle reel where you can activate from 1 to 5 reel positions and for any wild symbols that land on an activated Strike Zone position, you are awarded Credit Awards, Progressives or even a Wheel Spin – whatever appears on the wild symbol. Wheel spins will award one Progressive, just like in the Star Watch series of slots!

Randomly, during or after a reel spin, the “Dragon’s Law Feature” may be triggered which will add extra wilds on the reels, as dragons slink there way down on the reels.

The “Free Games Feature” is triggered by landing 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols for 8, 12 or 20 free games respectively. During the bonus, the Dragon’s Law Feature may occur more randomly.

Finally, there is a “Jackpot Chance Feature” where randomly you may be awarded the Mega or Maxi Jackpot! I have experience with this feature: just check out my Money Galaxy video to see it in all of its glory:


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AWESOME WIN & RETRIGGER! Dragon’s Law Rapid Fever Slot – LOVED IT!

40 thoughts on “AWESOME WIN & RETRIGGER! Dragon’s Law Rapid Fever Slot – LOVED IT!

  1. Keep going! Lol. Dragons law is by far the most rewarding to watch and play when it's being nice.

  2. OMG that was awesome. Love love love love love this game. Once again another one I haven't seen. Could you imagine, if you were playing Max bet that would have been a hand pay for sure. Thanks so much😁😁😁

  3. Great watch Tim…i m wonderinggg what percentage do you think the progressive gets You a result on an overall average… obviously its not always but you do seem to do rather nicely 👍💞💞💞🎶🎶👏👏💯😘

  4. Time be safe and healthy…. I heard they closed Ohio casinos….as we all look to when this is just a terrible memory and get back to normalcy. 🙄

  5. Dragons Law Rapid Fire is a really fun game…. when the dragon comes during the bonus it can pay very well. Congratulations Tim

  6. Way to go Tim. That's one of my favorite games just haven't tried the new version. Thanks for sharing

  7. *Starts Winning

    Tim : I’d still love to see the primary bonus feature….

    Dragons Law Dragons 🐉 : DANG!!! Fine!!! HERE THEN!!! Lol

    Stay winning my guy! I enjoy your channel and live my big bets through you!!! 💵

  8. I've complained a lot about the all the "lightning link" clone games out there, but this is actually a neat take on it. Cool video like always. Stay safe!

  9. Love your wins. I guess the "Rapid Fever" must not be the one that you get with Coronavirus . haha. The $881.63 at the end was outstanding — but the highlight of the game for me was the win at (5:19) What a beautiful screen — what a fabulous win on the $10 bet. You are a lucky, lucky guy, Hope your luck continues, and if you continue to play, II hope you stay well. I probably will cut back.on watching videos for a while when there are less to view — I definitely will cut out casino visits. ; )

  10. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    I mean seriously, does it get any better?? I love this new version of Dragon's Law!! Congratulations on hitting the bonus AND a retrigger, that's a rarity!!
    Hope you're staying healthy on that end of town (we're in Medina County)! It's shocking to see the casino's in Vegas closing. Check out Living in Las Vegas YouTube video that she posted today, pretty shocking! As always, thanks for your great videos Tim!!

  11. I just love the genuine sound of surprise and joy hearing in you voice. That single spin was awesome and paid 475 dollars. But the free games were amazing. Too bad it was a the lower bet. But still a great payout. Stay safe and healthy and thanks for sharing.

  12. What a great video. Now that all local casinos closed, you are my entertainment.

  13. I just have to say Tim, I've been watching a long time, and your videos are always great! Most of all I appreciate the great attitude you have while playing. Always cheering for ya buddy!

  14. Great win on a really fun game! I like Konami games-always beautifully designed and exciting features. Thanks for sharing!😎👍

  15. Hi Tim, Wow! What a game. First time seeing it. Congrats! Thanks for sharing how this one plays. For all you gamblers out there, hang in there. Save your $$$. At least you will have a nice bank roll to play once they open back up. Be safe, stay healthy, and let's kick this virus out of here.
    Peace Health Love.

  16. I believe you won't be able to go to casino soon with this carona thing. great videos by the way, I watch as I am not allowed to gamble says the wife.

  17. Dragon's Law Rapid is a great addition to the Dragon's Law family of slots, although the original remains a classic, and is especially interesting at the $9 bet level, as you can see here with this Big Win:

  18. Tim I hope you have recorded lots of video, here in Las Vegas ALL casinos are closed , stay safe and healthy Tim.

  19. what a fun game, Tim. Great win! All the features. Your channel has it all! Thanks

  20. A very fun game to watch. You did great. A big thumbs up and continued good luck Tim.

  21. Seems like a neat game, but <50x on that kind of screen at $10 bet? That Strike Zone obliterates the payout of the standard lines.

  22. Great fun session Tim indeed we saw everything and Konami did a good job with this one in all aspects. I’ll try it if I see it, great wins and the bonus was fun too. We obviously won’t be able to gamble for a little while but your channel will be my fix!

  23. Your voice is so confident, crispy and clear…how articulate you are… You should have a show like my Rodgers or do commercials

  24. I've skipped this version so far because I thought it was gimmicky, but it really looks like great potential for big wins!

  25. Love your site! And your total enjoyment in all of your games. Helping me deal with this social isolation we are going through right now…

  26. When you get 3 of the ying & yang ☯☯☯ circles, you get 8 free games.

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