Aztec Dawn Slot – BIG WIN BONUS – Short & Sweet!

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The Aztec Dawn slot machine by Bally is part of their “Reel Blast” family of slots.

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The Reel Blast feature is activated after the bonus is triggered by landing bonus symbols in reels 2, 3, and 4 for three free spins. Instead of 30 lines and one reel set, you are then awarded 3 reel sets each with 30 lines. Reels 2, 3, and 4 are also transformed into one single mega-reel, where giant symbols fully land in each of the three reel spaces: this is where the Big Wins or Jackpots can happen, as you will see, Enjoy!

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Aztec Dawn Slot – BIG WIN BONUS – Short & Sweet!

24 thoughts on “Aztec Dawn Slot – BIG WIN BONUS – Short & Sweet!

  1. Very nice hit really quick question you're in the states and here I'm Canada do we have the same games ? I see some of the games you hit big on and I look for them no luck so I stick with good ol dragons law or dragons way going to go try tonight well done again

  2. Wow, curious how many attempts at this slot it took to get a bonus like this on a small bet like $1.50. Awesome video thanks for sharing!!!!!

  3. you make it seen so exciting when you play. you need to make your videos a little longer thats how much we enjoy watching you play.

  4. Ahh I hate when people get fussy about others winning on a slot they just lost on. I've had plenty of times come up where I'll move off a machine and then someone sits down and starts winning. I've never said anything because it's all random.. one time I sat down on a quick hit machine and me and this guy played for like 30 minutes next to each other and both lost about 800-1200$. He got up and I decided to move over for some reason to his machine as he went down to the end of the row. And two spins in I got 8 quick hits for 5400$ he went crazy on me with what I could only assume was a lot of curse words in Chinese. Definitely ruins the experience a bit, but I was happy with my win. At least this lady didn't go crazy, I just wish people could not say anything at all.

  5. That game definitely does pay in the bonus when you line up the main symbols. They have it in my local at a $4 max and it's volatile as hell. Big difference in pays too between the 3 top symbols. It goes red, yellow then green, which is why your green hit was light.

  6. I only played this once, and I thought it was a very hard game…hard to trigger a bonus and hard to line on the left symbols with the giant one.  But you got the bonus early and won $245.25 so you must know the secret — or have the golden touch.  Congratulations as always.

  7. Great! Have you seen the new Jackpot Reel Blast slots? They're kinda like these but they have progressives.

  8. The good part about the woman "mentioning' it was all her money is that it's a great incentive to move and not put it back into the machine.

  9. Even though it is tempting so say: 'you won my bonus, I shouldn't have go away', this is complete incorrect. Win is totally random and dependent on the RNG calculations. So, each second thousands of (new) calculations are made and outcomes vary even within 1 second !
    BTW, nice bonus, I like this game very much!

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