BIER HAUS | WMS – 2¢ Mega Big Win! HANS! Slot Wins

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So why must Heidi or the frosty Beer Mug get all the attention? Here’s a Big, Super, & Mega Big Win on Bier Haus featuring our lovable beer drinking guy Hans! 2¢ machine (80¢ bet).

Bier Haus

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BIER HAUS | WMS – 2¢ Mega Big Win! HANS! Slot Wins

16 thoughts on “BIER HAUS | WMS – 2¢ Mega Big Win! HANS! Slot Wins

  1. Some good line hits Sir Albert hehe.
    Hope you catch the big trigger on 80c bet 1.60 on 2c machine if the magic is to come your way soon 🙂
    Always much deserved!
    Im gonna try more bierhaus sessions in couple of weeks between 80 and 1.60 variations probably. Depends if we're up or down on the day hehe

  2. Sweet line hits! love when Hans shows up! I got a full screen of him betting a dollar a few months ago 🙂

  3. I love it when that guy shows up. Were these hits all from one session on the same machine?

  4. Very nice Albert. I too had the idea that he needed his own spotlight. Problem is…I never get around to half of the #(#$UE that floats around in my head.Glad you did it. Good job on the video…and nice show on the 2cent denom.

  5. Ya baby, LINE HITS ROCK!!! Thanks for posting this rare slot video post.
    Wolfy 🙂

  6. Stumbled upon this browsing the web, and stopped to give you a like and a view. So many games to comment on. So few that go beyond the mugs and jugs and give Hans the love he deserves. Happy Oktoberfest, Herr Albert.

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