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Big Bass Splash is the latest in the Big Bass series of games! We buy a bonus in this video and manage to snag all but one of the modifiers. With the extra spins from landing 4 scatters – we manage to reach Max Level. But will it hit any wins?!

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40 thoughts on “BIG BASS SPLASH 4 Scatter Bonus 🎣 🐠 MAX LEVEL 10X! MASSIVE WIN

  1. Lol 1000x on a Bass game Wtf Bro u are running hot as fudge atm , keep this up 👍

  2. I was really expecting your face to be put on the fisherman’s body 😂 a great win ! Well done Will

  3. I love this new big bass game , I'm addicted to all the variations but this has gotta be the best with all the added features , also loved the air banjo you were playing

  4. Will your last hit on This was £630 (£63 x10) but it only shows big win £570? It’s done you out of £60???

  5. Glad I finally got to watch you hit big live, I’ve bonused this game on £5, £6 and £7 stake and all we’re under £100 !!!!

  6. More annoying than Timmy Mallett lose the animation its adults

  7. Absolute ****e slot 150 spins in so far…biggest win 3x…and no bonus yet 20+ teases

  8. Should of listened to me will £5 stake would of been 5k😂 great win tho

  9. It is a nice win yes. But all I could think was how crazy it was that 4 scatters with all but one modifier, all the way to the 10x spins, didn't even get to 1000x. I figured it could've been much bigger

  10. I love this game worst bonus I collected all bar the hook on £2.50p spins paid £55! Gutted kept playing it hit it again on £3 paid £180 and best win was £480 on a £2 spin and collected nine of the extras lol still love the game feels you you can win more easily you carnt but it feels like ya can lol great win !

  11. I had 6 spins the other day one fisherman to top level dead all the way I was gutted 😭

  12. Don’t be fooled by this video. This game is horrific. Thousands of spins and a bonus every 500 spins that pays 0-30x every single time.

  13. This is the first time I’ve seen any big bass game go all the way!! What a beauty win!!

  14. ok good but I spent £25000 on casinos over a year and I have to save that the my credit cards gave me more money because Credit Cards are like gamblers like me.
    Casino or Scratch Cards just use about ones a year.

    I have used £25000 on casinos and also used £10000 used on Scratch cards. But Im now safe and not on it

  15. Will. I really find your examinations of gambling subjects . The RTP discussion a few weeks ago was an eye opener, with the bonus bet on… you still have the same RTP, its just that it will deliver wins in a different way. Very enlightening. I find that as a streamer you go in depth in gambling mechanics. Well done 👏

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