BIG Slot Session: Kronos Unleashed, Drops of Gold MEGA SPINS & More!

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Hey guys, today is an arcade session, playing Kronos Unleashed amongst others. This slot allows for the chance to gamble for a massive 200 free spins! It also has a very good mini bonus which is awarded from a full stack of Kronos on the first reel.
I played Heidi’s Beerhouse, a game that rarely drops in the bonus on the reels, and more often than not is gambled for. I also played Drops of Gold on mega premium play. The values on the reels are very high, with up to 200 winlines, but the cost of the individual games can get very costly.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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BIG Slot Session: Kronos Unleashed, Drops of Gold MEGA SPINS & More!

40 thoughts on “BIG Slot Session: Kronos Unleashed, Drops of Gold MEGA SPINS & More!

  1. The base feature on Kronos looks fun, but 200 free spins on a £2 / £500 JP game is just a joke. 100 spins was already tbf… who really wants to sit through that many if the spin value averages £2.50 per free spin… and what's the point in landing a natural bonus if 8 spins is technically only going to average a 10x win? Can see how that many spins could be a fun option on an uncapped jackpot but on a FOBT?

  2. Diamonds goddess this weekend-minus 500 and 0 bonuses

  3. absolute bore, havnt got the balls to gamble like others ie 7 neighbours

  4. It what them Machines are Like.

    You Can Put £50 in and Walk Out With £200.

    Also You Put £250 in the Machine and Walk Out With Nothing.

    The Truth is if the Machine Wants to Pay You it Will if Don’t it Won’t Simple as that Really.

  5. ****ty balls I thought that was a mif you must hang out more in The bookies lol

  6. The prawn game, even you say it's rare to see it, then I wouldn't play it

  7. Why 200 spins. 15 spins paid me just over £400. If it’s gonna pay it’s gonna pay.

  8. Looks like you spent too much time with 7 neighbours with those pie gambles 😂😂

  9. Can you play you favourite slot for a-bit please Rainbow Riches. I love that slot aswell

  10. I do like your videos Darren, but you are definitely a creature of habit when it comes to what games you play. Dragon Spins is over played way too much!

  11. Every time I have seen the press not register on the gamble it has lost. When that happens choose a different option? Although the machine will do what it needs to do to make money!

  12. That’s pretty much what happens every time I used to play. Literally, they are legally fleecing punters.

  13. Hey was at cesers palace in Weston super mare yesterday. Tried to get one of your mugs but none left. Was told by the arcade they had none left but the would be in context with you about getting some more. They mentioned that they sent one out to Manchester. Iam a big fan of yours and watch all your vlogs. Would it possible to send one to me,as I live in Cheltenham and only visit Weston super mare on the odd occasion. Thanks Jonathan.

  14. Because of you on Rainbow Riches I consistently gamble to £12 to £75 to the £500. I’m yet to win 😂😂

  15. Love these arcade vids and gambles especially when ya going for jp many more like this please and hopefully next time you win

  16. 7 neighbor likes middle middle middle but stop an step likes second second forth or fith it's all luck I guess nice vid thanks

  17. love watching your vids but Jesus your gambles are getting stupid! and when u say it’s in before it’s even anywhere near then loses

  18. WOW… I must say I havent seen you doing so reckless gambles for very long time.
    Almost like not you or looking like you got free unwithdrawable casino credit and have to burn it and fast. 🤔☹️

  19. When you go to bookies next time can you play some different games with different features instead of the same games all the time mix it up a little

  20. i hate it when people tell me how to gamble, if you did the gamble he said and it won then its 99% chance he would be asking for money in the next 30 seconds.

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