*BRAND NEW* SLOT WIN – $1,200,000 ON ITERO!!

Mega Wins YouTube Video Information:

This game came out literally a couple of days ago and it is already hitting some HUGE wins for us! Here is our biggest win so far but hopefully hacksaw can continue to behave and we can we can hit huge again!

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Welcome to ClassyBeef! 
We are an online slots streaming channel based on Twitch. We take pride in having the most positive community and take responsible gambling extremely seriously. In our videos, we often compile some of our Twitch highlights, our biggest wins on online casinos and slots, and our funniest moments. 
We have also started our second channel – BeefGang, where you can get to know our streamers and our lifestyle.
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It is important to understand that the big jackpot wins, mega wins, and the insane online gambling experience shown in our YouTube videos are highlights from hours worth of Twitch stream, and may not depict reality. Therefore, gamble responsibly, and be aware of your actions.


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Visit https://www.begambleaware.org/​ to seek help for gambling addiction.

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*BRAND NEW* SLOT WIN – $1,200,000 ON ITERO!!

36 thoughts on “*BRAND NEW* SLOT WIN – $1,200,000 ON ITERO!!

  1. legends jonte and his son. hahaha the new guest max is a very genuine guy.

  2. And the new guest and the dog are in the video.. the family really growing.. Cheers classybeef.. lets gooo!

  3. Max has that energy and mustache that he needs too stay,plus he can outdance anyone but Biggo 😂

  4. If someone deserves a huge win on this brand new slot, it's these legends right here! Congrats on the huge win guys!

  5. Jonte was happier then the dog, look at him jumping up and down 😂😂

  6. Its so awesome !!! Every stream is legendary!! Thanks for all ur entertainment every fu*~%ing STREAM ❤️ Stay classy!

  7. Intersting new game with new beefgang streamer “Marco Verratti brother” 😀

  8. Absolutely insane I was here for this much love beefgang I love you all 💕

  9. Really fun to watch that MAX is having a great time as well with GEORGI and JONTE's company. Hitting huge wins on the new hacksaw! More BIG dubs to come! That's why I love hanging out every stream! Let's go BEEFGANG!

  10. The best streamers and the best community ♥️ Thank you for entertainment, proud to be part of this community ♥️

  11. Max is insane i like him a lot he bring the beefgang energy i hope 1 day he will be in schedule for classybeef streams

  12. Bangun tidur bete nyeduh kopi depo 50k maen di RONIN19 jp nya 1jt mantap gak tuh hahahaha

  13. That was awesome video like always and max fit perfect in classybeef , he is so funny guy and make us happy as well 🙂

  14. Bibiiii is so cute omg <3 gimme that doggiiii!! :^)
    Nice win btw :b

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