Buffalo Stampede Slot **HUGE PROGRESSIVE WIN** – Slot Machine Bonus

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Buffalo Stampede Slot *HUGE PROGRESSIVE WIN* – Slot Machine Bonus

I finally have something beautiful to show on this game…but before I share with you my win I just want to make some things clear. If I don’t say the word “HANDPAY” It will not be a taxable win over 1,200 bucks. I know some on facebook and youtube may misinterpret how I title “my” wins. If it were the major…I would have said it. The Major starts at 15,000 and the Minor at 300. This is a HIGH minor Jackpot. Thanks for understanding. With that being said…the win is a high multiple and I was shocked and pleased at the same time. What makes this win special…is you never know when it’s going to hit…it’s not one of those…”must hit by 500 dollar wins.” And I caught it before the jackpot was revealed. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, like, subscribe, tweet and share. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy!


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Buffalo Stampede Slot **HUGE PROGRESSIVE WIN** – Slot Machine Bonus

12 thoughts on “Buffalo Stampede Slot **HUGE PROGRESSIVE WIN** – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. Played this yesterday and got a screen with tons of Buffalo but my multiplier only came out as a 2x, I was bummed. I was max betting and it only paid about $400 on that spin. Was expecting it to be higher with 5 lines and so many buffalo. If it had been a 4x multiplier it would have been a hand pay I think. Wish me luck last day in Vegas and I'm down $4K. Not a good trip.

  2. Congrats, but betting $3.00 a pop is too steep for me. Did you ever try at .50 or 1.00 and have any luck??

  3. I played the big one that had the $597K progressive for the first time yesterday. It takes 375 max pennies. I put $20 in and hit the button. I didn't have to do another thing. I got 3 of the coins, free spins,, more free spins, more other things and wound up getting $3884.31 on my first time. I always hit one more time and then I did and still got 3 more coins so I came out getting about $400 more dollars on top of the almost 4k. I left, but I saw a woman win one night on the big one and she won over $680k. When you get the free spins in the free spins where it turns a wheel, it gives you a hit on the large progressive. Just seeing her made me want to do it. I like high limits but no more. These are more fun and they seem to be paying better than high limits pay now! Plus it's fun. I don't want to hear the noise so just hit to keep it from prolonging the time, but so much fun to put 3.75 in and coming out with 4k almost!!

  4. That was interesthing without nothing you hit PROGRESSIVE,that was a super win bro !!!!! you must hit like that😉💪👍

  5. It's amazing when this happens. It never gets old. The first time I won the Minor Jackpot I was amazed. The person seated next to me gave me a high five. This was just seven months ago. I then had a streak beginning in mid-November 2019 where I won the Minor Jackpot nine times; five times in four visits winning twice within forty-five minutes on two different machines. The two things to which I attribute my success are prayer (seriously) and scaling back my bet from $3.75 to $1.50 which allows me to play longer; up to five hours a visit.

    When things cooled off after my last visit I decided to give it a rest for a couple of weeks. Good luck to you on your visits to your casino.

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