China Moon – WMS – 50 Free Spins Slot Bonus (10X Multiplier)

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This is a China Moon nickel machine from WMS. I finally hit a nice 50 free spins (the most) on this game with a 10X multiplier (the biggest multiplier) on a $1.35 bet. Was hoping for a huge mega big win, but many of the spins turned out to be duds (felt like I was playing a Konami machine lol). Still, a great win for the bet size. Hollywood Casino, Charles Town, WV.

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China Moon – WMS – 50 Free Spins Slot Bonus (10X Multiplier)

7 thoughts on “China Moon – WMS – 50 Free Spins Slot Bonus (10X Multiplier)

  1. I linked this one on Player's Life — this was a 9-line version of the game. I have never seen this configuration, but it only works out well, if the 5-of-a-kinds land on one of those 9 lines!! Still a very nice well .. and could have been much more! Thanks for posting!

  2. Your attention to details impresses me Shamus! I've never played this game before so wasn't even looking at the number of lines :). Thanks for the link again!

  3. yea when this was new i drop most of my bankroll in it then hit the games with the 10x i won 50 bucks havent played it since then

  4. Ouch…that stinks. I guess I should be happy with my win then :). Funny how I've never seen this game at my local until now. Good to know experiences from other players. Thanks for the comment! πŸ™‚

  5. That turned out to be a nice win. I didn't realize for a while you were playing a nickel machine.

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