34 thoughts on “Crusader’s Heart Slot Bonus – Aristocrat Huge Slot Win! 1000X bet

  1. I love hearing that sound at the casino.. I just sit there and let it rack up.. and smile and enjoy my coffee ohhh good times!

  2. it sure is! not so good when you get in the bonus round and hit Nothing! which happended 3 times just before i hit this one! so it all made up for it.

  3. this was at the horseshoe in hammond and unfortunately I don't even know the name of the machine, next time there I will find out.

  4. This is an older game. I remember playing it a very long time ago but dang—don't remember the name either. Super win!!! wohooo.

  5. thank you, I had never played this one before so was very surprised at the outcome!

  6. I admire your ability to not say a peep until the end of the recording, but you sure deserved to cut loose with a OMG or two! Nicely done.

  7. well i'm kinda reserved and shy, really wasn't sure how much I had won! I like when I hit something and not sure how much it is at first on a machine I haven't played before. Most I ever do is give a quiet under my breath "YES" with a fist shake! Even when I've hit 4 and 4 k on a 1.00 royal flush poker machine in the past.

  8. thanks, never played this before so i had no idea what it meant to line up all those hearts at that time. i like it when it keeps going up and up.

  9. I guess people who hate since you aren't betting max bet! Thanks for the comment, I was happy with this win.

  10. its a great vidoe those dislikes are probably loseers who cant stop and lose there houses and cars kudos nice win I had a good one mysself last night playin Lucky 88 lol on a $1.50 then upped to $3.00 so im a happy chap this week

  11. Your Welcome and yes it does I had $560 dollars after putting in $100 won on $1.50s then upped to $3.00 and got another $600 on saturday nite so often I lose but feeels good to be be back amongst the winners its seldom that you win I just have to be smart now and use the cash for something useful rather then putting it back into the machines in hopes of winning more being greedy its easy to go back and also enjoyed your video thank you

  12. True nothings worse then winning and then putting your winnings back in plus more not a good feelin at all

  13. it seems to go that way sometimes, supposedly that's not the case, but since I limit my casino action now adays, max bet becomes less of a thing unless I start out winning.

  14. This one is in the Horseshoe in Hammond In. I've never played it before until this video. Just plain ass lucky. I didn't even know what the hearts were. now that i know, I'd never replicate it again..

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