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  1. You of all people should know how RNGs work on slot machines. NO you would NOT have hit this bonus if you had put more money into the machine!

  2. Hi Diana, great bonus on one of my favorite machines !! Don't worry about reducing your bet, you most likely would NOT have triggered the bonus if you had NOT, because you would have to push the spin button at exactly the same second to stop the RNG on the winning spot. I will do this INTENTIONALLY, and it has triggered the bonus many times. Besides , I just saw this past weekend someone playing this machine won $2940 jackpot on 60 Cent bet !! Good Luck and God Bless.

  3. From Your Personal Experience, Do Your Ever Notice You Get More Bonuses On A Penny Machines Than Any Other 25Cent Or 1 Dollar Machines? Or Vice Versa?

  4. Never know if you would have gotten that bonus on $3.60. Each amount has it pay scale.

  5. Why do you always feel you would have gotten the bonus on the higher bet? I think you went so long without the bonus because it just wants giving it in the higher bet. Some machines just don’t hit in the high bet and will hit for days on the lower bet….but when they finally bonus in the higher bet it’s huge. I think you get what the RNG wants you to get period. There is no such thing as “bad picking” either. The RNG has decided before you ever begin to pick.

  6. You are so cute with the things you say. I just tuned into this one on Nov. 14 and you were talking to the gold coin telling it to at least stop by and say hello…… context with your other pleadings of the machine….it was very apropos.

  7. Don't beat yourself up because sometimes the machines hit only if you you change bets…from low to high or vise versa.

  8. If you had have stopped to put more money in you wouldn't have triggered the same bonus. You of all people should know that triggers and bonus payouts are random

  9. If you had enough for the 3.60 it wouldent have Come,and if you still wouldent beat what you got,its all wired up to Pay out a prize no matter how you do it.

  10. Hi Diana, I can't wait to see next weeks Goonie slot playI. I hope you do the same and better good luck. Take Care.:)

  11. why are you complaining that you didn't put more money in? If you would have put more money in that would have took a few seconds and then the spin would not have been the same so you would not have gotten the bonus.

  12. I think when we change combination bonuses often come and/ or down to last dollar

  13. It most likely would not have been a bonus is you stayed at your $3.60 bet. Great win.

  14. If you put more money in, you wouldn’t have hit the button at the same time and you wouldn’t have gotten the bonus.

  15. Don’t feel bad that’s a nice win ! Many of times when I lower my max bet it does the same thing here ! Maybe it’s machine that said it’s time ! But it’s drives me nuts

  16. If you were betting 3.60 you might not have got the bonus as much as you play Diana you should know that

  17. free spin has nothi g to do with what you bet it is at max bet every slot machine tells you this on the payout list

  18. if she had kept the bet at 3.60, it would have been a different algorithm, so she probably would not have gotten the bonus.

  19. You may not have won if your bet was higher. Sometimes it's set to get the bonus on a particular bet. Most people think had they bet higher they would have made more on the bonus, but the bonus wasn't meant to come up at any other bet amount than the one you had. No disrespect to you. Good win!

  20. Did you know there is a different reel for every money denomination that you play so realistically putting $3.60 you probably wouldn't hit that bonus .

  21. next time, sit next to a machine that has their volume turned down so we can hear only yours. Thanks

  22. Always nice to see a great bonus show up on your last spin! Congrats!

    I’ve had my last spin on Buffalo Gold turn into a handpay, such a great feeling…. not sure if I’ve put that video up yet or not….. it will eventually make it up on my channel…. 🦬🦬🦬🦬🦬🦬🦬🦬🦬🦬🦬

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