**FROGS ON CRUISES = HUGE WIN!!!** Zhen Chan Slot Machine Video

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**FROGS ON CRUISES = HUGE WIN!!!** Zhen Chan Slot Machine Video

The live play and first bonus seen on this video were from local casinos of mine…the 3rd bonus on max bet was from my cruise in March. I really like this game, but the only negative thing I can think of for this one is that the babies DO NOT come out in the bonus. I wish they would have kept that in this one. They still come out in the base games, but not the bonus. I will continue to play this game and hope you like it too! Enjoy! 🙂

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**FROGS ON CRUISES = HUGE WIN!!!** Zhen Chan Slot Machine Video

12 thoughts on “**FROGS ON CRUISES = HUGE WIN!!!** Zhen Chan Slot Machine Video

  1. Both bonuses were sweet! Congrats 🍾 really fun to see we need to play this one! 👍🏽😎🎸🔥

  2. The puking frog is funny. I do not have enough guts to play 8.88 to bonus. I am terrified. But, it does seem to pay out appropriately. I would just be too stressed out playing my money down. lol Great job Nick! Always love watching your videos.

  3. The only thing you want to see throw up in a casino, that damn frog! This game hates me but it seemed to like your max bet! 🙂 yay!

  4. That last bonus was pretty awesome! I liked the first bonus too just because of the retriggers! Congrats!! That cruise was on fire!!!

  5. Great win Nick! Still love that intro opening and I love that vomiting frog!!! 😆 Big congrats on that end win on a great bold bet!

  6. ' Come on now THROW UP!! " Fun game that you can throw up and win BIG!! I can see when you are on a cruise, some people feel a little sick! HA! Did you have a nice room on the ship? I know you had a great time in the casino!!!

  7. I think I'd rather have a money tree drop coins on my game screen than have a frog puke coins all over it — but hey, you have to expect a little sea sickness on a cruise. Good thing there was a doctor on board — oh, wait. That was you. Are you allowed to write yourself prescriptions for mal de mer? Nice win, Nick.

  8. I love it when I dare to max bet and get the bonus like this!  Very nice! Good Luck and Keep Spinning & Winning!

  9. Congrats on some great wins. Glad you had a good time and great luck.

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