12 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones – Mega Win – Jackpot – Baratheon

  1. Don't know what to say Rexy, this is almost too much for me to swallow πŸ˜› Haha, congrats on the amazing bonus πŸ˜‰

  2. Who says licensed slots don't pay? You proved that wrong with these massive wins on Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park.

  3. I hate this game so much it is so bad for hardly ever giving free spin games, a win like this just seems like a miracle

  4. I khow how u feel Rex, yesterday i just got Lannister 5 of a kind( 3 full stack). And it was 280000 baht(Thai). I screamed like crazy… Cheers, mate

  5. I can't believe what just happened with me after watching your video I felt I have to tell you! xD
    I was playing with this same GOT slot online and while clicking on the spin I was watching videos about it searching for Game Of Thrones slot big wins and I clicked on your video and just in the same moment when you won the free spins I also won free spins and I saw that you choose Baratheon from the bonus option so I also clicked on Baratheon and I won a Mega Big win of $2256 πŸ˜€

    it felt like if you gave me the sign to click on Baratheon or like if you gave me the good luck spirit lol I know its all just by luck but I felt I have to post this comment on your video cuz it made my day πŸ˜€
    lets hope I wont lose all my balance in the next spins lol

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