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This is a spin on Genesis casino on the Netent slot Twinspin Delux on 29/92018. On this spin the game triggered the 5 reel linked symbol feature but when it did that it just continued to spin really slowly so I grabbed my phone and recorded it knowing that this should be a big win that I had triggered!! This video is the spin recorde on my laptop from the moment I started recording until the Game crashes. As anyone can clearly see the reels stopped on 20 7s linked with one seven in the top right on the 6th reel and then it crashed. As soon as this happened I contacted support and they told me it was just a crashed round and the round paid for a win on 16 queens and they sent me a diagram of it showing the group of 15 queens linked with an 11th on the 6th reel as the win and what the final reel configuration was when it finally stopped spinning. I do not believe them simply because anyone can see there where NO QUEENS ON REEL 6 so that win was impossible with this reel configuration. Also…. THERE WHERE NO BLOCKS OF 15 QUEENS IN THIS SPIN….Was I scammed here by Genesis casino? I am an advocate for fair gaming and getting what the customer paid for. At genesis I got neither. I think this is a very poor excuse for entertainment and lets face it, it does look rigged. Why they would do this I have no idea as I only play low stakes for fun so its not like I am going to break a casino anytime soon but I do feel this way was below the gaming standards any customer should be experiencing and for me it just makes the casino look like a scam. I reported this and have told their support about it many times now but nothing was done as usual the provider is blamed and they claim no responsibility.That is not fair on slot players. Too many casinos use this as a get out of jail free card and excuse to say “we are sorry you where unlucky” well, in this case I actually think I was lucky and I was just scammed out of it because thats how it looks!!!! I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this type of thing before? Casinos already have a profitable edge at all times over their players due to the nature of the games. It is very hard to get big wins and megawins on slots so if your spin lands on one….you should get paid 😉

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  1. Just for the record there are many trustworthy and Genuine casinos out there, this just is not one of them. I would like to warn players using this casino about what happened to me here.

    THAT IS THE IMAGE THEY SENT ME CLAIMING THIS WAS THE WIN. NO WHERE ON THE REELS ARE THERE THIS MANY QUEENS LINKED. THIS WAS IMPOSSIBLE ON MY REEL CONFIGURATION BUT YET THEY STILL SAY THAT IS WHAT IT WAS!!! i SMELL BS!!! I have another video showing what happened when I refreshed the game. There was no evidence of such a spin just a small win amount added to the balance for the amount equal to the spin in the image. YEAH RIGHT!! GREAT JOKE GENESIS!!! BUT IM NOT LAUGHING. Sorry but this just looks and feels totally wrong to me. I feel cheated to be honest. I think this type of thing is the worst kind of advertising for a business that is in a market that is flooded with competitors and if a casino cannot look after its customers and provide good quality entertainment and MOST IMPORTANTLY, FAIR GAMING, then it should not be allowed to operate at all.

  2. That is what happened when I refreshed the game…..yeah looks completely trustworthy and genuine to me too…..state of it Genesis.

  3. I play low stakes for fun, but if this can happen to me it can happen to anyone at any stake. This casino did not help me at all, in fact they where rude to me and refused to even look at this video after many chances. (if you are playing online casinos record all your sessions for this exact reason) Their excuse was not believable and neither is the win because when the reels are locked they are locked,and there was no such win on this locked reel configuration so yet again the casino failed me and it looks like the straight up lied to me.

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